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Hello Everyone,

This week the suggested focus was to make two complete sentences out of the three lines of Haiku with the second line being the end of the first sentence and the beginning of the second sentence. It wasn’t a must, just a suggestion for those interested in moving toward or testing their ability at the traditional form of Haiku.

The closing Haiku.

The man’s bridges fell

Out of his dark lusting maw

Ron’s tongue wagged, the dog.

To be read as:
The man’s bridges fell out of his dark lusting maw.
Out of his dark lusting maw, Ron’s tongue wagged, the dog.

Now on to the Poets all of you need to begin to Follow, appearing below in the order they submitted their links. Well except the New Members appear first. I know I haven’t done that for a few weeks because of the laptop being dead and time but here I am back to it again.

NEW! Cathy Lynn Brooks (Author): Cathy is working on a work of love, a book about…well click here to find out what it’s about. As for the Haiku… A Move to Understanding | Cathy Lynn Brooks. The page about her book and the Haiku explain its meaning.

NEW! Gerard Young also known as dun dun dun SilverBulletHead!!!: A student in Ireland, gamer and writer. The Haiku will tell you that first part, sort of. Ah, the hopes of the higher educated (you get that from his About page, yes I read those.). I remember those days. Oh wait…no I don’t. I have amnesia. (No seriously, I do…I think.) Bored Genius | This Is CruserBladezz. I am wondering with a handle such as Silver Bullet Head if he would be great to have along in case of werewolves? Totally ignore everything I say from this point on. I took double medications and am really far out there at the moment. No werewolves were harmed in the making of this Haiku Review.

NEW! Steven O. Young Jr.: River Rouge | Rambings of a Drabbling Mind 100 Words at a time. Hoping this guy stays around. Some experimental poetry here and I like it. As for the Haiku, wow, another one of a them you will find running through the Review here. Man, this one is insane. And if you are into basketball, check out his other blog Above the Cylinder by clicking here.

NEW! Ruby Manchanda.: Bridges unite | Whispering Thoughts. We have an artistic one joining us with a good message. Definitely go and visit as this was our last entry of the week and thus not many have seen it yet. So go, like, share, praise. You know, do the be you thing y’all do so well.

NEW! Kat Myrman: Love Gots To Do It | like mercury colliding. Well if love has to do it then you know what it has to do, right?  About Kat: This place is an indulgence.  A place to ruminate and simmer thoughts, reflections and perceptions while also sharing an occasional fabulous recipe to die for, peppered with a bit of photo art…my new found artistic passion.

First in this week:

Juliette: A Year in Haiku | Battered Wife seeking Better Life. One year doing our Haiku Challenge, and the only person to do every single one of them, as far as I can tell. Dedication or OCD, I’m not certain but I say thank you for that continued participation. Here the woman I finally settled on calling Juliette explains how she came to be involved in the challenge. She gives not only this weeks Haiku offering but each weeks as well, with a total of 64 Haiku. If you want to see how someone has grown or regressed in their life over a time span, Haiku can be a great way to do that. Juliette has gone from being the mystery woman of the group to a mainstay veteran who I can always count on being involved. And more often than not when I see a like in the comments next to someone’s link on the Challenge post, she’s the one who has liked it. A true full on participate. @BWseekingBL

Annette Rochelle Aben (Author & Radio Host): The Mackinac | Annette Rochelle Aben. Annette chose to stay with her Michigan theme and give us a bit more history of her home state. The picture below is the subject of her Haiku. That doesn’t mean I am giving away what she says though. Remember to check her out on Amazon for her best selling offerings by clicking Author above. @YouAreTheExpert Click the picture below for the wikipedia site for the Mackinac Bridge.

"Mackinac Bridge Sunset" by Dehk - Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Commons -

Judy/Edwina: Working for it | Edwina’s Episodes. First of all, call her Judy or Edwina, both are her names, but Judy seems to be the one commonly used in her comment section by those who chat with her, although she notes that she kind of has become fond of being called Edwina. That image she used sets off everything nicely. You may need to click the image to get a good read of the Haiku. For me that makes it even better though. 

Sue Vincent (Author): Bridge | Daily Echo. Very nature oriented Haiku. Like it. Love the contrasting colors in the photo used. Sue is one of our authors with several books available. Visit the Author link above to go to her Amazon Author Page.

TJ Paris: Star Crossed Lovers | La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin. A Western Australia with a French Fetish. Very nicely done with the two sentences and opposing meanings. A touch of romance. But with a blog focused on France, especially Paris, how could he not?

Mira: overwrought | They, You And Me. Feeling anguish here, longing. Two sentence structure as was suggested to focus on. I always get that sense of wanting to give Mira a big hug when I read her Haiku. fears | To Wear A Rainbow. I would swear she can read minds at times.

Melissa Barker-Simpson (Author): Brothers in Arms | M Barker-Simpson. Call her Mel. At least that’s what she signs everything as. Not only does she have a blog but an author site as well. She’s everywhere. Now to the Haiku. I had named this one The Journey until I noticed the name in the link. I liked her explaining how she arrives at her Haiku and it makes you begin to anticipate what she’s working on. Sneaky, right? A lot of feeling here. I like it. No Twitter as far as I have found. Shame as I would like to share there. Click the Author link above to visit her on Amazon.

Me: I don’t normally put myself in here but seeing as I actually did one outside of the example this week, and I linked to the challenge, here I am. No Bridge Too Far | Ronovan Writes. You might think I would have been the first entry, but I thought that a bit unfair of an advantage. The Haiku can mean positive and negative things but moving toward the same end. I chose the positive with this offering. You can also find me at LitWorldInterviews a site I founded where I do author interviews, book reviews, and feature articles. It’s a team effort now with authors, lawyers, professors and your lover of literature giving their time to help authors. The link will take you to my specific offerings. @RonovanWrites

Al: Key to Moving | Al The Author’s Blog. Two offerings from Al this week. Got the structure in both. That first one I really like for a peaceful moment. The second? Well…That’s Al for you. @AlistairLane

Ritu: Oh those gaps. | But I Smile Anyway. Obviously a nice message. The image used is interesting and something I would like to try. Takes a lot of skill and patience.

Becky: Nature’s Bridge | Becky G? Oh, That’s Me! Can you guess what the Haiku is about from the title? When I chose it I thought it easy, but then I kept coming up with different things it could mean. I think I think Haiku to much. 🙂

Clarence: Lovers Schemes | Prairie Chat. Uh oh. Clarence is keeping with the romance here. Tapping into the Romeo side…and the people are liking it. You go Man!

R. Todd: The Bridge | A Flash of Fiction. Ah, nice one. Had not thought of this idea yet. Cool. 

Pat B.: Arches over Oregon | A season and a time. Seems a couple of people had similar ideas this week. And I must say I do love the subjects, they are fascinating pieces of art to me when done properly. This can read as one sentence or as two.

Maylian: Sensory | Personal Self Perfection. Maylian returns for a second week!!! YAY!!! Two Haiku this week from Maylian. Very much nature with some humanness thrown in. (Is it just me or does humanness “funny? Okay, and no wisecracks about how funny humans look.) Definitely go visit the blog. I love the look of it; the layout and color scheme. Very nice.

Sandra or “Daffy” as one reader called her. Whichever, the WILD ONE IS BACK! Peace | Wild Daffodil the joy of creativity. This is a MUST SEE post. So  much included in this one and for very good reasons. Definitely stop by and like it.

JK: Move Silently | The Secret Keeper. Whoa. Seriously serious thoughts there. And an appropriate image for said or suggested serious thought.  

Olga: Wait | Stuff and what if… Like the message and the image is kind of spooky in a way but also leaves a mystery to it. Nice.

Janice: Bridge | Ontheland. Two meanings for the Haiku, as Janice explains in her post. And it is a post of encouragement and inspiration. Well here we are again, well so I am anyway. This is actually much later in the order of entries and the second for Janice. Bridge of Change. This just goes to show how the Haiku challenge sticks with you no matter what you try to do. 🙂  

Denis: Survivor | Haiku Hound. Carrying on a theme, yes, I know the Haiku has a prompt and thus a theme or sorts…but hang with me here for a moment. Denis gives us a lesson about a little place just outside of Hobart Tasmania Australia. Like I’ve said before, love these types of pieces. The Haiku says a lot about the subject.

The Elusive One: Bolero | Elusive Trope. Yes, the Elusive one’s name is in the blog, but I’ll stick with Elusive for now. All I can say is I believe there was some freaking out at the prompt words, and I swear I had no idea.

Elizabeth: Madness | Tea&Paper. Ah yes, this one actually struck a chord with me when I read it earlier in the week. I’ve had to think about this often.

Meredith & Martha: Four From the Angels | Meredith’s Musings. No, that’s not really a title, but they do two apiece each week. The Bridge & Beloved Pet by Martha, and then Family Feud & Progress from Meredith. Great images. I really love them AND Beach Babes with Nick!!! Also, these ladies are facebook friends of mine and I will tell you Meredith is looking great. Visit her twitter and see either a very strange looking Beach Babe baked potato or seaweed loved coconut, I’m not sure which. @MeredithLBL

vronlacroix: Fragile | Simply Snapshots. She’s back for a second week in a row! Love it when new people come back for more AND when I see the comments on their Haiku. Awesome! Fragile is a deep one. I mean philosophically deep. Some said powerful.

Stu06Bloc9: Paired | Pitter Patter Poetry. Whoa. So there are two Haiku. Take your time and read them through. I’m still rereading as…well not AS I type this, but you know what I mean.

Marjorie Mallon (Why did I put the whole name this week? Cause it just sounds cool saying! Well…at least how I say it.): A Sweet Bridge Too Far & We’re Finished Lover |Kyrosmagica. She’s back in her groove people! I tell you this was an entertaining read from beginning to end. And if you are into Scotland and all, go check out her Edinburgh posts while she visited the Book Festival. AMAZING photos!!!  

Prakash: Move on Big River | Its PH. Yes, that’s my name for the Haiku, and if you have been reading all of this review this is just after I did the NEW! entry of Gerard, so you know I am a bit insane at the moment. But this one is both deep and funny at the same time depending on how you take it. I’m of two minds about it. Muahahahaha. Stop that Ron! What? Huh? (I just had a conversation with myself. O,o)  

Jane Dougherty (Author): Three from Lady Jane | Jane Dougherty Writes. I couldn’t really come up with one suitable name that encompassed the three, but then it struck me what better name than the name above? You all know that Jane writes beautiful poetry, and won’t enter until it’s just right. She took her time this week, for certain, and I love the painting. Always a class act. A great part of our Haiku family. And I’m not saying that because I reviewed one of her books, or because I interviewed her on my book review/interview site. Click the Author link for numerous books by her on Amazon.

Alka: Games of Chance | Magnanimous Words. She just blew my mind!!! I was not expecting this at all. The idea of using the prompts this way absolutely did not come to mind. Now that I have hyped it up so much, please go and peruse for your own enjoyment and laugh at my excitement.  

Colleen: A Hushed Moment | Silver Threading. You know, I’ve seen her blog so many times and I know the meaning but with her being part of my team on LWI, it occurred to me it could mean Silverth Reading. 🙂 Now the Haiku was amazing. Romance! @SilverThreading

Vashti Quiroz-Vega (Author): Star Trek | The Writer Next Door. Okay, another one that took me by surprise, but I have no idea why considering it’s from Vashti. Nothing should surprise me from her. Check out Vashti on Amazon at the Author link above and you can see her interview by clicking here. @VashtiQV

Florence: My Lullaby | Meanings and Musings. Peaceful, serene, and just right. I may not have any idea what it means, but it works for me. 🙂 As well as being a blogger, college professor, lawyer, and therapist she is also part of the LWI team. By the way, LWI stands for LitWorldInterviews, the book and author site I founded and take credit for the work of others. @FTThum

Steven S. Walsky (Author): Life is a Road | Simplicity Lane. A Tanka, meaning three normal lines of Haiku plus two additional lines of 7 syllables each using the third line as the link. A very thoughtful Tanka. I always expect humor when I vent Steven and have ended up with thought provoking of late. Click the Author link above to go to Steven’s blog where you will find all the available places for each book. He’s varied. 🙂

Swatiu: To Great a Distance | imgrowing. Romantic, and sad at the same time. Nice. (You ever wonder why a guy that deals with depression all the time holds a poetry challenge every week? Glutton perhaps?)

Shailzaa: Comfort Zone | Fewunsaidwords. Okay, first of all, I just realized what the blog name says. o,O I plead the concussion excuse. Wow. I am so red. Wait, I always red, well pink actually. I may have actually understood it bfore but don’t remember. 🙂 Gotta use my out when I can. Anyway. I named the Haiku Comfort Zone from my take on the meaning of the message written. A very thinky piece, as I like to call them. It makes you sit and ponder a few moments or dozen before the pain begins between the eyes at how you can’t write like that yourself. O,o

Khor Hui Min: Utopia | Project Prose. A very topical message pulled from today’s headlines all over the world. @MinKhor

Greg: The Bridge | Potholes in the Road of Life. Got the message, both of them. The first was the Greg must have goofed his link back to the Challenge I missed it, and the second is the message of the Haiku. But then I goofed by not catching a mainstay of the Challenge not being present.

If you aren’t appearing here and did participate, please let me know. I went hunting for a few usual suspects but didn’t see a Haiku on those sites.

Also, if you have a Twitter handle that does not appear above, let me know.

Much Respect-Much Love


Ron_LWIRonovan is an author, and blogger who shares his life as an amnesiac and Chronic Pain sufferer though his blog His love of poetry, authors and community through his online world has lead to a growing Weekly Haiku Challenge and the creation of a site dedicated to book reviews, interviews and author resources known as

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18 thoughts on “RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry #Prompt #Challenge #Review 60.

  1. Such fun! I have to admit that the lovely photo of the bridge on your blog had a little something to do with the thoughts for this challenge. What a beautiful photo you found of Lake Superior (one of the 5 Great Lakes which surround my State) and the magnificent Mackinac Bridge. People ask me all the time why I do not have any I have taken myself and I remind them that is it difficult to get a shot like that when you are crossing. Cheers! 🙂


  2. LOL! Is that in old English, Ron? Silverth reading? LOL! I have had to cut back on book reviews to one every two weeks. Just too much going on in my life right now. Thanks for always having me and I am glad you enjoyed my Haiku this week. ❤


  3. Great review as always, Ronovan. Thanks for all your work. I love the way you take the time to read all the haikus and comment on them. I also liked my introduction. I do prefer to be called Mel, and you’re comment about being sneaky made me laugh out loud! I’m sorry you couldn’t find a twitter link – I’ll rectify that at some point 😀


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