A Laugh in a Crowd

A Laugh in a Crowd

by: Ronovan


“So I went into the mall and there were all of these people just staring at me with blank expressions on their faces. I don’t know maybe it was just me. The never even blinked. I felt like I was at a Sinead O’Connor benefit concert or something. All the women were bald but they were well dressed. I still don’t understand why they had the price tags on their clothes.”


“You’re an idiot!”


“Hey, I’m talking up here. This is my time to be an idiot, you don’t have a copyright on it, sir. Where was I? Oh yeah, I hate crowds, I can’t stand them.”


“Then why are you here, you moron?”

“Sir, I thank you for wanting Mo of Ron but if you don’t stop talking I won’t be able to give you more. Now, anyway, every time I get around more than like two people at a time I begin to freak out. I was in a dressing room at that mall and tried on a shirt in the dressing room. I freaked out when I looked up and saw the multiple reflections of myself. I didn’t invite them to look at me half naked.”




“That’s what I called one of them because he was looking at me funny. So to overcome this fear of people I decided to do standup comedy. I’ve got the first part down so far.”


“Not by much.”


“But then as I stand here I realize that I don’t need to be worried about being around people right now.”


“Why’s that you twit?”


“Looking out in this crowd, I only see a bunch of ignorant intoxicated imbecilic Neanderthals.”


© Copyright-All rights reserved-RonovanWrites.wordpress.com-June 24, 2014.

19 thoughts on “A Laugh in a Crowd

  1. Darn that heckler! LOL! As always, very entertaining. Thank you for not letting it out of the bag too early that a naughty heckler was the ‘other’ voice (I thought it was a friend at first). Two thumbs up! Oh yeah…the mirror was CLASSIC comedy! 😉


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