Site Addition: Haiku Challenges Guidelines page

The new Haiku poem challenges begin Monday morning at 00:01 EST or New York time.  In preparation of that I have a new

Haiku Challenges Guidelines

page that explains each challenge and displays the badge for each one. The badges were kindly created by DazzlingWhimsy.



The goal of the Challenges is to encourage creativity and fun. Also they are a way to give those with websites another idea for content when they are just in the burnout mode that we all go through.

A few things to know. If you participate, you get a badge, but please make it an honest attempt. Even the Decipher one you can copy the badge for trying.

There will be categories coming soon as the Challenges continue to help me choose who gets selected to be in the three differently Challenges’ weekly wrap ups. Those that are chosen are noted in a post and links are included back to their sites.

Enjoy the Challenges and most of all HAVE FUN!

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