RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge #1 Rewind


RW Weekly Haiku Challenge


The prompt words for Challenge #1 were Silent and Loud.

Good results for the first week of the prompt challenge. I am very happy with the results. People are trying something new and stretching their creativity a bit, and they are having fun doing it.


Click the site links to go to each Haiku.

Cyril of well Cyril Bussiere gave us a very nice one that I read one way but was meant another, and isn’t that what poetry does? It gives the person reading a meaning and reveals a little about the self in how you interpret what you read.


Hilary of The Joy of Writing came up with a great use of the prompt this week. I greatly enjoyed it. She even was able to do it and keep with the theme of her blog in a second article. Hilary is becoming a Joy to read as well as a Joy as a Friend. She has been a great find in this blogging world.


Eloise of Thoughts by Mello-Elo brought a surprising Haiku from one so . . . Mellow?


Florence T of Rambling On has found a new talent . . . Haiku. Her result was great and she used a word I was surprised to see.


Thank you to each person that participated. I greatly enjoyed seeing the results. Reading them makes me want to push myself a little more in my own Haiku.


Much Respect



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