RonovanWrites Weekly Wordless Haiku #1Rewind

I have to say that the First Weekly Wordless Haiku Challenge went fairly well. Those that participated did great jobs. They had a lot more fun with it and actually I believe did a better job than I did with mine. I’ll get better.

Wordless Haiku Challenge


Click the site names to go to each Wordless Haiku.


Kate of DazzlingWhimsy wins the Touch My Heart Sweetest Haiku this week. You have to go see why.


Meredith of Meredith’s Musings wins the Most Efficient Use of Pictures Haiku this week.


The Laughable Cheese of Welcome to Writers Town has to win the Most Humorous Wordless Haiku this week.


John Mark of The Artistic Christian  is the Inspirational Wordless Haiku of the week.

Big Thanks to John Mark for leading his friend to us. Meet . . .

Dianne of Sweeter Than Honey as the Creative Wordless Haiku of the week. (Although her’s did make me wish I were where she was talking about.)



Make sure to visit each one. They all did them differently and came up with different ideas. And all made mine look bad.


Much Respect


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