Guesses & Reveal Ronovan Writes Wordless Haiku Decipher Challenge #5

RonovanWrites Wordless Haiku Decipher Challenge #5

Wordless Haiku Decipher ChallengeI first want to thank DazzlingWhimsy for creating this badge for the challenge.

Meredith of Meredith’s Musings

cry tears of remorse
lose desiderium with wine
day break revive me

Eliza of Creative Metaphor

laughs pour like water
as the memories replay
tears pour like water

Hugh of Hugh’s Views & News

Laughter pours Blue Skies
Old past memories refreshed
Crying pours Blue Skies


A confession is required. This was not the Wordless Haiku Decipher I had planned. But with the passing of Robin Williams this is what I created. The first and last lines could be reversed depending on where you are in the mourning of his passing. At this time I am trying to reverse them, as I am certain he would wish.

 Here are my words.




 Laughter fills the air






As the memories return





Sorrow fills the air

As you can see, the lines can be reversed as our sorrow slowly passes and the laughter and joy Mr. Williams brought to us once again takes over.


Much Appreciation to All who Participated



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