RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge Rewind #5


RW Weekly Haiku ChallengeBadge provided by DazzlingWhimsy.


The prompt words were Cold & Heat.


Thank you to each person that participated. I greatly enjoyed seeing the results. Reading them makes me want to push myself a little more in my own Haiku.

Cyril of Cyril Busierre : Cyril wrote a poem about me. No not really, but a very interesting contrast this week. Just go read it.

Florence T of Rambling On : Captures what so many of us go through. How she got a picture of my hands I will never know.

Hugh of  Hugh’s Views & News :

At last it happened,

In the hot flames of  Hades,

Hell has froze over.

Hugh wrote a poem, did it correctly, and it is great!

Silver Threading : I have to say that this was a wake me up poem. The imagery was excellent. I had to restrain myself from writing one back.

Faith Unlocked : One word–Dragons!



Each week it seems like the Haiku keep getting better. It shows that keeping at it does make for better work. The imagery is just getting so great. Silver Threading has me wanting to write love letters now. (sigh)


Much Respect



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