You are more than you are.

You may not know who you are

But you know who you’ve been

Never deny what you’ve become

Even if you consider your past a sin


What makes one search for love

What makes one search for peace

It’s the aching of the heart bone deep

That pain that seems to never cease


Shake the chains you have holding you down

Break them from your tender heart

Recognize them for what they are

They are your past, yes of you a part


Look at what you now see

No shackles holding you still

You’ve come this far so well

And you’ve done it by your own will


Some see you for your image

Longing for more than a touch

You’ve come not to know

You are worth beyond that so much


Taking one step each day

Reflecting on your deeds

Don’t dwell on your past

For you’ve other present needs


There is kindness in you that is noble

In every word and thought you share

Never doubt for a moment

That there is someone







2014 © Copyright-All rights


20 thoughts on “You are more than you are.

  1. Thankyou for this poem. This is something that I needed to hear. This touched my heart because I know that now someone does care. While I’m encouraging other people through my blog I still need a little encouragement every once in a while. Nicely done. ! 🙂


  2. Ronovan, not only did this poem get my attention because of its beauty, but because it is so strongly relatable. You could have been speaking directly to me, about my past! You weren’t, but, I’m willing to bet several of your other
    readers felt the same way. Love it!


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