RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge Rewind #6


RW Weekly Haiku ChallengeBadge provided by DazzlingWhimsy.


The prompt words were Flare & Shadow.


This was a great variety week in response to the prompt. Romance to murder? Click the blog names to read. There were truly some great ones this week.


Kate of Dazzling Whimsy : “I love that. We all see something different. Beautiful!”-Colleen of Silver Threading

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Dazzling Whimsy

Cyril of Cyril Bussiere : “Look at Cyril, getting the sexy appreciative on. At least this one isn’t about me this week. I haven’t flared in years.”-Me in his comments.

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Hugh of  Hugh’s Views & News : “This is a lovely Haiku, I really enjoyed reading it though it sounded quite sombre. But I guess it was intended to be sad. Never knew you had it in you to write like this 🙂“-Mabel Kwong

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Colleen : “Powerful image.”-Paul of alfreds almanac

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Faith Unlocked : “Excellent as always. I am amazed how you keep coming up with something just a touch not the expected. 🙂“-Me in Comments.

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Viv Drewa of The Owl Lady Blog : “Ah…you told a story so shortly. Awesome.”-Me in her comments.

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Eloise De Sousa of Thoughts by Mello-Elo : “ooooo Where is the bucket of ice water?”-Me in her comments.

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Vivachange of CroneChronicler : “To me this is a peaceful scene. I like it very much”-Me in her comments.



Meredith of Meredith’s Musings : “Meredith getting romantic and sexy. Why am I not surprised?”-Me in her comments.

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Florence T of Rambing On : “Lovely haiku. Those dark words made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.”-Hugh of Hugh’s Views & News.

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Florence T



K. S. Fause of : “Smouldering. I can feel the passion in this. Great haiku.”-Hugh of Hugh’s Views & News.

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Much Respect



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