RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku Prompt Challenge Rewind #13

RW Weekly Haiku Challenge


The prompt words were Spirit & Flight.

 Provided by Me this week, but Sian has awesome ones for #14.

 Badge provided by DazzlingWhimsy.


This week people were mostly reflective it seemed. Some of course did take the fun of the words, as I was hoping they would. It is the month of Halloween here in the U.S. of A. and I thought perhaps people might go for the spook factor.

My Picks This Week

Tale of two Tales: KiwiBee with “Mere Mortals” did well using the middle line to create the two sentences of some contradiction.

Humorous Haiku: I think I will go with Ruth’s “Frequent Flyer” with an honorable mention for Elizabeth’s comment on it. I also found Florence T’s “Earthly Pleasures” fun.

Hitting Home/Heart Haiku: Angie with “A Great Man”. K.S. Fause with “Restless Spirit”.

 Good Harmony of Image and Haiku: Ellie with “Ready to Flee”. KiwiBee with “Mere Mortals”.

Look For A New Badge When #14 Comes Out

Let’s start the week off with our first time participants in order Haiku was submitted:


Serins Sphere

Haiku: Broken Wings


A lot of comments on Serins’ first attempt at Haiku. Several of our regulars enjoyed it and encouraged her to continue doing more.



Faithful Homesteader

Haiku: Oneness

A very calming Haiku from our first time participant.





Angie Does Until She Doesn’t

Haiku: A Great Man

A very nice and personal Haiku from Angie. I once again encourage you all to go visit and read.


Ellie Ellie


Haiku: Ready to Flee


I enjoyed the Haiku but her photograph used is perfect and just absolutely perfect for her Haiku.


 Now for our Regular Celebrity Haiku Heroes in order they submitted:



Silver Threading

Haiku: A Moral Compass


A very good conversation between Colleen and Hugh in her comments.


(Visit her site and see her daughters and her together.)



Mad Meandering Me

Haiku 1: Life After Death . . .

Several comments for Ruth’s first offering to the prompts.

Haiku 2: Frequent Flyer

I really enjoyed Elizabeth’s comment on the site as well as the comments on the challenge post.




Tea & Paper

Haiku: Softening Spirit

Great comments, especially over her first line.


T.A. WyattTA

Finale to an Entrance

Haiku: Dream the Oasis


Becca made the perfect comment about the Haiku.



AC ElliotA.C. Elliott

File Cabinet Ramblings

Haiku: Infallible Words


Becca agreed with me in the comments!!!! I feel validated.



Meredith and MarthaMeredithsMusings

Meredith’s Musings

Haiku: Spooky, Sadness, Seasonal, Spiritual


Our two literary angels inspired some nice comments this week for sure.



Cyril Bussiere

Haiku: The Spirit Can’t Rise


Cyril’s offerings always start a conversation between he and I, but this week there were several other exchanges. A very good offering, if not a bit tardy for our student poet. (Yes, I went there, Cyril. “Had a couple of exams yesterday so I’m a bit late.” Some excuse.)



Battered Wife Seeking Better Life

Haiku: Yearning to take flight


Everyone, you should check this one out. Not only do you get to see the most recent offering, but she has all of the challenges below it so you can see everything. Her Pinterest images are also great to check out for her Haiku offerings.



Oh Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea

Haiku: On Autumn’s Edge


I love the image used this week. Brought thoughts of when I was a kid to me.


Faith Unlockedfaithunlocked

Faith Unlocked

Haiku 1: I Choose Peace

A Haiku with a very good message that many should live by.

Haiku 2: I Seek Rest

Something I have been thinking of a lot lately.



ksfauseK.S. Fause

K.S. Fause

Haiku: Restless Spirit


Made me think a lot.




Haiku: Wings of the Spirit

A very inspiring and somehow reassuring Haiku for some.



Florence TFlorence T

Rambling On

Haiku: Earthly Pleasures


The image is as good as the Haiku in giving the same message, I believe.




Snap Thoughts

Haiku: Mere Mortals

Excellent image to Haiku. You will love the photography for sure.





Mama Cormier

Haiku: The adventure soars


Love the image that matches the Haiku so well.




See Y’all Next Time,


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