RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku Prompt Challenge Rewind #14

REWIND #14ronovan_writes_haiku_prompt_badge_autumn_2014

The prompt words were:

Take Your Potential,

To Unexpected Results,

The Shine is Tarnished.

Shine & Potential. Sian chose great words for the week’s challenge. Sorry guys, but #15 Prompts are all on me.  What people did were inspiring, thought provoking and in some cases nailed me on the head.

Some people don’t realize what you can do with three lines, the story you can tell, the message you can relay. Once they try it and see what they can do, the end up loving it. I encourage everyone to give the next one a try. Funny or serious, there is no wrong interpretation.

One thing I want to mention; Go and check out the Haiku for each person. Some of these poets have been here every week, and some have really stepped out of a comfort zone to find they have talent for Haiku and enjoy it.

My Picks This Week

Wendy Anne Darling with her Haiku: Glow

Colleen with her Haiku: Beauty Within

Elizabeth with her Haiku: Shine Shine Little One

Becca with her Haiku: Divine Love

K.S. Fause with her Haiku: Rise and Shine

Hugh with his Haiku: Past the Faces

Our New participants this week.

Let’s start the week off with our first time participants in order Haiku was submitted:

TakeshiS.J. Takeshi

Takeshi’s Flight

Haiku: Counter Ev’ry Gloom


A very good message and it was nice to see some of our regulars visit and not only comment but ‘like’ the Haiku. We hope Takeshi joins us with #15.

If you are not following this blog, I dare say you may be missing out on some potentially amazing things. Just click and find out all about him. IMPRESSIVE!


Reviews & Recommendations

Haiku: Posted on my fb page

A very nice addition to our Challenge.



Wendy Anne Darling

Haiku: Glow


I loved this Haiku. It made me think and reflect.





Faithful Homesteader

Haiku: Faith

Great message in how potential is guided.





Angie Does Until She Doesn’t

Haiku: Without Limits

As she said she “got fancy” this week. Love the image. Inspires me to the idea of starting a Greeting Card business.



Silver Threading

Haiku: Beauty Within


Reactions included ‘Wow’. This one was so just right and unique. Loved it.





Mad Meandering Me

Haiku 1: Hiding the Light…

I liked this one as it made me think of my early teaching days.





Tea & Paper

Haiku: Shine Shine Little One

Fabulous comments. Made me think of my son.



T.A. WyattTA

Finale to an Entrance

Haiku: A Life Too Ordinary


I really liked Elizabeth’s comment.



AC_ElliottA.C. Elliott

File Cabinet Ramblings

Haiku: Wasted Potential


A.C. connected and was thought provoking this week with his readers. What more can you ask? (I swear that face looks familiar? Wonder if he was ever a politician in N.J.)



Meredith and MarthaMeredithsMusings

Meredith’s Musings

Haiku: Grandchildren, Storms &Romance


The two Literary Angels came through again. Four 4 Us as always. Under the right circumstances I could fall in love with at least one of these two.  But shhh . . . don’t tell them. I meant the Haiku, yeah, the Haiku.

I’ll make note here of C.J. Black and his Haiku he put in comments on Meredith’s Haiku post.

Watch the blood moon shine
Those clouds on the horizon
Potential conflict.



Cyril Bussiere

Haiku: Fear and Ignorance


A very good use of the prompts that causes one to imagine a variety of interpretations.



Battered Wife Seeking Better Life

Haiku: Dare to Shine


Another good message Haiku.




Oh Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea

Haiku: Divine Love


The name says it all.




Faith Unlockedfaithunlocked

Faith Unlocked

Haiku 1: Electric Potential

An unexpected Haiku at first, but then as I read it again, not so much unexpected after all.

Haiku 2: Light the World

Somewhat of a theme once one things about the two Haiku.



ksfauseK.S. Fause

K.S. Fause

Haiku: Rise and Shine


This one sparked some conversation and I have to say I had so many interpretations of it that I had a difficult time keeping quiet.



Florence TFlorence T

Rambling On

Haiku: My Lovely


Oh I so enjoy these. She has a humor that I don’t think is intended by I find humor anyway.



Mama Cormier

Haiku: The Ambiguous Weather Report


Kind of matched my weather.




Hugh’s View & News

Haiku: Past the Faces


Each time I read Hugh’s Haiku I get a different thought. It could be an offspring graduating into the big adult world. It could be someone forcing themselves to soldier on past the smiles of doubters and naysayers. Hugh has really made Haiku his own thing.





Haiku: Write here, Write now

I just love not only the playful way of the opening but the message as well. 🙂

Two more humorous Haiku from Elke

Haiku 2: Shiny Teapot

Haiku 3: Shiny Intruder



See Y’all Next Time,


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