Being Positive to See the Positive

Last week in Sorting Your Life’s Junk I talked about how the way to being a positive and wonderful me, well a better me, was how I like to place events and thoughts into  Mental Folders. I called them:

  • Awesome
  • Needs Work
  • So Not Worth It

By doing this, I am able to sort through things quickly and move on. It’s a habit. A reflex, if you want to look at it that way. Just like driving a car. You see  something brake in front of you, you don’t have to think about it, you hit your brakes to stop something bad from happening. This is the same thing. By sorting those events or interactions into folders, those emotional/mental energy vampires/leeches/parasites don’t have a chance to latch on.

But you are probably thinking to yourself there are still things in the folders and you are likely to thumb through those files at some point. Ignoring the negative things doesn’t work. I like the adage or phrase “You got to own it.”

Accept it and Deal With it

Eventually whatever it is must be taken care of. Due to a concussion I’m not allowed to drive at the moment. I’ve driven 7 minutes in the past 18 months. And that was an emergency. Am I happy?

I guess you need to take a look at happy first. Everything that needs to get done in my life gets done. So in the grand scheme of things, not driving is not a major problem for me. I have filed it and dealt with it. I’m okay with it.

Does being okay with it mean I don’t miss the ability to get up and go whenever I want to? No, of course not. But I own the situation, I understand it, and I handle it. It does not get me down.

But what about REAL problems?

I knew you were thinking that. I’ll use my Fibromyalgia. It was discovered that the debilitating pain that I had been having for more than a decade was Fibromyalgia, which runs in my family. Walking is difficult. Sleeping is difficult. Sitting is difficult. Lying down is difficult. Maybe you see where this is headed. Combine that with migraines that are 24/7 and things are bad. By 24/7 I mean they never stop, just vary be intensity.

So what do I do about that? What do I do because I miss ball games and school events of my son? I deal with it. I have a son and one to be proud of. So I can’t do everything I would like, I am still proud of him and tell him that and show him every chance I get. And he knows it. Does it get me down at times? For a moment, then I shake it off.

It’s Not All Sunshine and Peanut Butter Cups

That’s one thing we have to remember, positive doesn’t happen 100% of the time. It’s just like anything else, it’s what you do with it. I had an old pastor friend say to me once that you can look at a woman and see she’s beautiful, just don’t turn around and watch her walk away, that is where the bad part comes in.

What’s in your folders is the same way. You see it, and you deal with it. Sure, it will hit you and you might have a moment of problem but then move on and don’t look back. It’s done. It’s over.

As time goes by and perhaps the problem comes up again, you will eventually have developed the habit. File, deal, and begone. The most positive people are the ones usually who have gone through the most junk.

The Positive Results of Being Positive

Being positive has its advantages. You begin to see the positive in many situations you never saw before. You see beauty where you only saw ugliness before. And you give words of encouragement when you at one time yelled or ignored.

I’m positive positivity will bring positive things to your life.

For the next in my Positivity Day series, it’s not really a series but just me focusing on being positive, you may want to read The Importance of Being You. It’s kind of neat to see how someone grows and where their thoughts carry them on a subject in order. Do they grow or not?

Join me and several other blogger friends as we start #BeWoW Bloggers. BeWoW means Be Wonderful on Wednesday. Be Positive, Encouraging, Inspiration, and Uplifiting. If you like something positive you read somewhere, or you write something yourself, Tweet it with the hashtag of #BeWoW on Wednesday and we see it and ReTweet it and visit it ourselves to be encouraged. If you don’t like to Tweet, then share the link to that article you have or you found in a comment here so people can find it that might not normally do so.

Much Respect and Much Love to You,


Ronovan Writes





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20 thoughts on “Being Positive to See the Positive

  1. Ron, I really like this idea of yours. I have a bad case of depression and reading positive things does help a lot. However I find writing positive things helps more. Therefore I tend to do a lot of insperational writing. While, I think my readers gain some encouragement, I must confess this is for the selfish purpose to write myself out of darkness.
    I was not able to write anything new for today, because of time constraints, but I have tweeted some of my posts with that hashtag. I did not think it would be fair to tweet them all, since then I would be monopolising your time.
    I’ve got a category on my blog called writing – insperational for just such posts, which can be found under the writing dropdown on my blog, should you or anyone else be interested.
    And you know what is really WOW to me on a personal level, is when even in some really dark and painful moments I am still able to find a light inside to write insperationally. Thanks for giving me a new hashtag to link these to. You are amaising.


  2. I think this is a great idea, Ronovan! I really hope it takes off and I plan on doing everything I can to help out. For my first post, I kept it light. (I spent yesterday crying and trying to conquer a major anxiety attack so I’m wiped today. Positivity definitely breeds positivity!

    Liked by 2 people

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