BlogShares. They work.

I wanted say thank you to those you participated in the first #BeWoW (Be Wonderful on Wednesday) blogshare of Positivity. I would name names but I am sure I would leave someone out and if the truth be known, I really am positive I don’t want the messages of “what about me” coming in.

Yeah, I know that sounds bad but it happens at times. But over 20 bloggers were involved in Tweeting about #BeWoW or actually participated in the first day of the blogshare by writing posts or retweeting the posts that were shared on Twitter. I call that success for a spur of the thought thing.

There was a lot of positive feedback about the idea of it all and I look forward to the continued future of #BeWoW. Although it is specifically for Wednesdays you can use the hashtag any time and as I see it I will retweet it.

There will also be a dedicated page here on RonovanWrites to the Positivity movement where you will be able to leave a link to a post you wrote that meets that Positive, Encouraging message. Please, don’t be spammy about it. I don’t want to end up deleting things.

Blogshares are a great way to connect to other bloggers you might not ever even meet otherwise. Does it add to your blog traffic? It could depending on how well you promote the movement. Is that why I did it? No. I wanted a day of positivity as opposed to the negative things we see in the news every day.

I hope all of you will join in next week for #BeWow. Remember the hashtag is #BeWow, all one word, no spaces. And to insure your Tweeted post is ReTweeted by me, include my Twitter Handle @RonovanWrites. I noticed some things were not always properly showing up because of one reason or the other in the Hashtag.

You can also join the Hashtag as a member at by clicking

Don’t  be surprised if you see mention of blogshares in my book in the works about blogging. A book suggested by one of our Poetic Angels some time ago.

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8 thoughts on “BlogShares. They work.

  1. I’ll try to participate in the #BeWoW positivity movement. 🙂 It’s a good idea.
    But I may not post it on Wednesdays only, because sometimes I might forgot I have something to do on Wednesdays. You might get these posts on Tuesday or Thursdays. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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