The Male Brain vs. The Female Brain. Boxed in, out or just plain Boxed?


Mark Gungor is a man who speaks around the nation about of all things . . . marriage. Yes, after you watch this, he still does continue to speak on the subject and in all honesty I think it’s because he’s dead right and not afraid to say it.

You may find some things he says to be stereotyping but guess what? There is a reason they have those weird laws in your town like, don’t tie your giraffe to a lamp post in Atlanta, GA, or in Idaho you cannot fish from the back of a camel.

It’s because it’s happened. Stereotyping man and woman has been in the millennia in the making. Sit back, click, and enjoy without any guilt the truth that is the male brain and the female brain.

What are some things you’ve noticed are different between the male and female brain?


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14 thoughts on “The Male Brain vs. The Female Brain. Boxed in, out or just plain Boxed?

  1. Funny! Though what has been and what is need not determine what will be… neuroplasticity and cellular memory at the least show we can create new habits and change. How amazing would it be if both men and women can use their brains in a wholesome way..? 🙂


  2. well, the only thing that drives a woman crazier than watching a man do nothing, is watching MORE than one man doing nothing at the same time.. which i believe that would mean that they are not actually doing nothing, because would to do nothing, be doing something…

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    • whoa, I think I was just in my nothing box when I started reading this. We can’t go from nothing to something and get it. Okay, we can but don’t be so intelligent so quick. Go in slow and ease us in.

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