Christian Sex. Try it, you might like it.

I’ve started today’s Thought several times and it has ended up on the topic of sex each time. The decision has been made to go ahead and begin with that as the topic.

The world has this view of Christian Sex as something that would resemble two butterflies passing gently by on a spring day with their wings barely touching and then flittering away in opposite directions to hide in shame due to their having made eye contact during the process.

Get two Christians together, married up, and you have the opportunity for the most passionate sex to ever have existed on the planet.

People can argue against that idea. Many do. I’m not denying that non Christians, married or not have great sex. But since this is my blog and my post I’m here to talk about Christian Sex.

Yes, you will have the embarrassed Christian Butterfly Sex.  But then you have the Christian Sex that comes from this bond of trust. This trust that allows for anything and everything to be possible and nothing is off limits. It allows for unashamed joy in the exploration and the satisfaction of each other.Why? Because of that trust, that respect.

In a true, loving Christian relationship the sky is the limit. The secret though is that true, loving Christian relationship. What does that mean? What is that made of? CAN it be achieved?

First of all, a relationship like that takes patience. Patience from the first moment the two meet and onward. You have to learn a lot about each other to discover if the two of you are meant to be. By this I mean you are to discuss almost every single topic. Some say, “Then why not have sex and see if you are the same there, or why not discuss sex before you get married to see if one likes to be tied up and the other is against it.”

Why? Because you don’t know. Until you are in that most amazing relationship of complete trust you don’t know what you are capable of.

People are reading this and thinking. “This guy has lost it. Christians aren’t supposed to do certain things sexually.”

You know, if you look in the Bible you will not find anywhere, it saying there is any kind of sex between husband and wife not allowed. What are the limits then? As long as it is just the two of them, the only limitation is will it in some way hurt the marriage.

How could a consensual act between husband and wife be considered harmful for the marriage? Some things may be physically dangerous, some things may be addictive. When the sex is the object of the marriage and not the spouse and the love of the marriage you have found the sex that should not occur.

The trust, the open and honest ability of each spouse to say no, that is what makes the ultimate Christian Sex possible. It may sound odd to you but some people may not like to have their back touched during sex. A difficult thing, yes, but when their back is touched it brings memories rushing back from being beaten as a child. The body, certain spots have the emotional memory that remains.

“I have the right to do anything,” you say—but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything”—but I will not be mastered by anything.”~1 Corinthians 6:12

What is the significance of this verse from Paul? As a married couple you have the RIGHT to do any sexual act with each other, but it should be beneficial and it should not master you, control you, become your obsession.

Christan Sex. Try it, you might like it.

For a more weird moment in my thoughts about the subject you can click and read Sex and Hell: My Sunday Thoughts, Enter at Your Own Risk from back in September.

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16 thoughts on “Christian Sex. Try it, you might like it.

  1. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw this was your topic for today. And here I was thinking that I am the only one to talk about Sex in the context of Christianity.

    I did mention it on my own post, but what many Christians don’t realize is, that in the bible there is even talk about amazing sex between wife and husband.

    I love how you use the butterfly analogy. That is certainly the way some Christians view sex, especially the two wonderful ladies whom I’ve shared a office desk with for the last 10 years. 🙂 We’ve had many conversations over the last few years, and some have been about sex. A lot about Christianity, a lot about how wrong I’m living my life, but I guess that is for another topic.
    yes men; women do speak about sex when you guys aren’t around. …

    Very good post. 🙂

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  2. Serins made a great point–“Song of Solomon,” anyone? 😉

    I liked how you touched upon mutual respect, honesty, and openness between spouses, and how viewing things in light of “Is this beneficial for our marriage?” is an important guide.

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  3. OK, You lost me. I really do not understand what is ” Christian” about the notion of free sexual expression. I think anything goes with truly consenting adults. And sex can be great ( or not) even out of marriage, but sex with someone you love and who knows what he/she is doing can be amazing.
    But I really do not see what religion has to do with it. Maybe you can explain it better. Humour me.

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    • This article today was mainly aimed at what I call The Church Traditionalists. Church Traditionalists are those who have taken traditions and ideas and applied them as if they were actual Words of the Bible. The Church Traditionalists I am speaking to today think there are limitations on what sexual activities a husband and wife can participate in. They teach, I guess what one might call vanilla sex. Any experimentation outside of missionary style is frowned upon. I think perhaps that is not only Church Traditionalist but male dominance out of some fear of losing control of women. A bit insane if you ask me.

      My thoughts are a husband and wife are equals in the bedroom. And nothing is off limits as long as they both consent to it. I used scripture to point out to Church Traditionalists that it’s all good. Don’t have hang ups. Nothing in the Bible says you can’t have oral sex, or tie your partner up. Nothings says you can’t spank each other.

      That is my approach today. Christian Sex is not vanilla sex as many like to think of it.

      I also stated, “People can argue against that idea. Many do. I’m not denying that non Christians, married or not have great sex. But since this is my blog and my post I’m here to talk about Christian Sex.”

      I hope this helped explain more where I was coming from today and that I have not lost you as someone who reads me occasionally.

      Much Respect

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      • Thanks. Good reply. And yes, I think male domination has a lot to do with “missionary position only” . It took me till I was relatively old to meet a man who treats me as equal even in bedroom.
        Glad you are spreading the word among traditionalists. I am now wondering if you would be shocked by my book…probably. ALthough one of my friend, a very devout Christian read it and liked it. I didn’t want her to read it, but she told me something about ” Who is without sin, throw a stone”

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      • We had a discussion about this sort of thing last night at our ladies’ Bible study. Trying to explain the difference in your life after accepting salvation to someone who hasn’t been there is like explaining color to a person blind from birth. All you can really do is assure them there is a wonderful difference. Christians, if they are doing it right, have a more abundant life in all situations. They should be living every day with more passion, more thought, more love for everyone and everything. I had a wonderfully cheerful pastor and his wife who told us all about going through a marriage enrichment program that had them trying to have sex every night for a week, buying sexy lingerie together, and just enjoying their marriage. They didn’t need to improve a great marriage, they were just doing it because it sounded fun, and they found it was. They had that ultimate trust you spoke of. Life should be MORE as a Christian. Thanks for pointing out a rarely mentioned part of it.

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