Lips intoxicate (A Poem)

The wind, finds me at my end.
Whether I survive and thrive, it’s up the tides I ride.
Sounds of chimes softly dampen my rhymes.
My mind is content to no longer vent, the energy spent.

Soft ocean waves beat away the fray on display.
Birds cry out in joy, like a bike gifted boy.
I cannot deny or lie that I spy beauty walk by.
Why delay or be afraid to speak of  the vision my mind’s way?

Dreams are what I have in sleep or awake.
I keep moving forward each day for attainment’s sake.
Do you think this drifting of my thoughts is a sign?
I’ve never been a drunk, but her lips intoxicate like sweet red wine.

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5 thoughts on “Lips intoxicate (A Poem)

  1. I love the imagery, the birds, the chimes, the waves. Puts you right in the moment. And love that ‘bike gifted boy.’ That’s just genius. 😉 Great work!


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