The secret to a positive day.

I wanted to do a Throwback Thursday Post, but I have so many I found it difficult to sort through them all to find one to share again. I did find this one in my folders on my computer. I didn’t find it in my posts and thought why not share it now. This is a favorite topic of mine.

How do you start your day? Yeah, I know, we all hit the bathroom first usually, but let’s say everything is set and good to go, what do you do?

More than likely you are beginning your day the wrong way. The way you start your day has an impact on the way you live your day.

“Bull, Ronovan. Other people dictate my day!”

I don’t want to hear it. When I wake up in the morning, I am the one in control of my thoughts and actions. I am actually in control of my reactions the entire day. If I begin with a positive and centered self, a truly focused self, then I can be positive in my interactions for the day and stay positive throughout the day.

If you don’t start out focused then you are simply reacting the rest of the day and often times with negative emotions attached.

“So how do we do this, oh great and wise Ronovan?”

Yes I hear the sarcasm in the voice.

It’s different for everyone.

What get’s you calm and focused?

Here are examples:


Prayer or Reading the Bible


A cup of coffee and:

  • watching the sun rise
  • reading the newspaper
  • listening to music
  • looking at the birds in the bird feeder
  • reading the next chapter in a book

Listening to podcasts, music, or talk radio

Mentally going through a checklist of your day

Just knowing what you have planned for the day, even if a routine day, makes it easier on you.

Beginning your preparation for the day the night before can help

I like having my clothes ready, and an idea of what my breakfast will be and if I am needing to prepare a lunch or not. I like to think about people I will come into contact with, that I know about, and if I have an appointment and be mentally ready for that.

There are little things we can do to take care of the parts of life that are in our control, so why not do it? If I can start my day off calmly then I am not beginning it running around already hectic and in a bad mood then that’s a great start.

There are numerous ways to become calm and centered for the beginning of your day. The point is to do it.

I have had to take control of my life more lately. Even being in the physical and mental state I am in, my life is hectic with two blogs running and basically life in general. I have felt life crashing lately, with the crashing even seeping into my writing, so I have taken control of it to the extreme for the moment. Do you know what happens to your life if you are not in control of it? If you don’t start yourself off focused? You lose it, and you could lose your friends. Before that happens I decided to refocus, like I once did, every day. I am prioritizing and organizing.

Some people may not understand it, as it’s difficult to explain, but I am fine with that. This is me, the most important person in my life. I am the most important me in the life of the people I know. I want to be here for both them and me for a long time.

Here is a quote from an ancestor of mine.


Looking at this post I wrote back in September of last year, it seems I need to once again refocus. I’ve lost a lot lately. And I lose more every single day. I received an email, an understanding email from someone, then they stopped following me on Twitter. Not certain I understand that, but I am coming to terms with something. I don’t have to understand everything. The best thing I can do is try to understand me and what I am about to do, whatever that may be at the time.

Preparation. Starting my day off the right way. It’s not only the secret to a positive day, it’s the secret to a positive life, a successful life. A successful life? That’s for another post.

Much Respect



2015 © Copyright-All rights reserved by ronovan


17 thoughts on “The secret to a positive day.

  1. It’s nice of you to help others with this post 🙂

    Good ideas you shared especially watching the sun rise(I wish I could but there are so many buildings in Dhaka City 😥 )

    However, reading newspapers may be stressful because of all the negativity in our media today. I actually hate the news. I remember I once started the day reading the news and I didn’t feel so good with all the topics of death, murder, etc

    I think there are websites online that only share the good news, and I think those are the news we should start our days with 🙂 (Unless there is some warning of a virus or whatever in the newspapers we need to be wary of to protect ourselves)

    Thanks! ❤

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  2. I usually wake up by snuggling my daugter (who is still a toddler and just as grumpy as me in the mornings) while I’m doing that I go through a mental to do list for the day. 🙂 .

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  3. You are very write in my opinion on this. Although I have tended to fall or should I say cycle in and out of starting my day off positive note, usually in God’s word, when I do follow through and do just that I almost always have a much better day!

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  4. Reblogged this on Potholes in the Road of Life and commented:
    Though I am guilty of falling off the proverbial bicycle here, if I do what Ronald suggests and I almost always have a much better day. Incidentally, I generally like to start my day with reading at least a few verses of scripture, if not studying on a particular topic.

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  5. This is so important Ronovan, a wonderful post, so easy to do and can make such a big difference. I just lie in bed for ten to thirty minutes before rising as immediately my mind is engaged with other’s needs (which I wouldn’t change for anything).
    I don’t know if it is true for fathers also, but I discovered many years ago that my morning mood is very contagious–if I am impatient and cranky so tends to be the children, if cheerful, silly, and loving, ditto.

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  6. Mornings are my best part of the day, so I suppose I’m pretty lucky being like that. I even seem to be able to have great mornings when not having be able to sleep much the night before. It’s late afternoons that the worst for me. I seem to run out of fuel and motivation and usually take to drinking more tea and eating cake or biscuits to get started again. Of course it works for about ten minutes as the sugar rush kicks in, but then I’m back to square one again until I decide to time to call it a day.

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