But the heart will never know…

Today is the day I care not for the want,
The want of a haunt of an old lovers jaunt.
Through the gates of a level of Hell I once knew,
I cringe at the thought of anyone that’s not you.
Have I ever given a matter to a hopeless wondering?
In times of need you show worth more than anything.
Glass breaks for just in case we cannot keep pace.
Our world spins at the same rotation but will we tie the race?
Decisions, decisions make up one’s mind to overflow levels.
Insanity of the choices crack the walls that keep out the dust devils.
You my dear, my darling one I fear, you are the one I must unite.
The decisions are breaking the mind of the kind in spite of all might.
Ah, but wait, is there a light to look to in the burning heart,
The heart so inflamed the skin scorches at the touch of every part.
The mind may know, the mind may understand, the mind may rest,
But the heart will never know the meaning nor stop as long as it beats inside this chest.
You are the beginning and the end, no forgive me that sin.
You are never an end, only a forever, I will posses within,
No matter the distance, no matter the day, no matter how long if never it may.
It all will be held here with me, with all of the love I have for you till eternity’s day

Much Love


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