Be Honest for Yourself, NOT the World.

Do you show the world the real you? Do you hide? Are you afraid of the real you? Are you ashamed of the real you? Why?

There is a lot that goes into being the real you. You ever think about who you are and then think about who you were born as?

You know that jerk that lives next door or maybe in your own house? Guess what, he/she didn’t start out that way. Jerks are made, not born. That means who you are now, is not who you were born as, it’s who you were made into. And if you were made into something then you can be made into something else.

My Honest Self

I don’t present my honest self to the world because I am concerned with the world’s opinion of me. I present my honest self because I care about my opinion of myself. The world’s opinion can be swayed by mood, a word misunderstood, a lie spoken about me, or any number of other things I am certain you may think of.

Being my honest self does not mean I am a rude, intolerant, jerk of a man about things I don’t agree with or believe in. If asked I will say I don’t agree with something if I don’t agree with it. I do not have to be rude about it. I wanted to make that clear as some people are that way when they consider that as being what a person can be honest and true with about. Please refer to what I spoke of at the beginning of the article.

Today I want to be honest about who I am. I am a positive man, which has taken time to bring to the forefront of who I am. I am a positive man who is currently at battle with negatives. We are all at battle with negatives, however in my case I believe I am facing some extreme negatives because I am putting forth a message of positivity in hopes people will be helped and in a small way, a small step at a time, the world will change.

This sounds like a grandiose idea. Where else does every change of the world begin but with an idea of some sort? There are a great many problems in the world that could be solved with people starting by being positive about their own lives. By doing this, they can then be positive about others and for others.

My Honest Future

I love writing fiction. I do it for young people I know. Usually they are written as presents because I cannot afford anything else. I have written some for adults as well. I have written novels and submitted them, to only end up rejected. Rejected rightfully so.

Over the years I have come to terms with my writing and have improved as I have done so. I have not given up on my fiction. I have great story ideas, it’s the execution of those ideas I am working on. And I realized recently that I don’t need to be in a hurry and put out something that is garbage.

However, there is a part of me that I have been denying although it is obvious and throughout my writing here on my site. I am a teacher. Above and beyond anything else, that is what I am. That is what I was born to be. How I teach is up to me. What I teach is up to me. I choose to teach through writing. What do I choose to teach?

I keep returning to things ultimately leading to positivity. Therefore, I am going to teach on positivity. I have been doing that quite a bit of late, and I hope some of you have benefited from it. Moving forward I will be doing it in a, hopefully, better way now that I have accepted what I am doing. Fiction is not gone from my life. I love history and there will be historical fiction related stories from me. Some I believe need to be abandoned in order for me to become focused on what needs to be.


That being said, there may be some changes here on Ronovan Writes, nothing drastic but perhaps a feel or a focus. I do hope you stick around to find out what happens as I explore a new path in this fork in the road I’ve arrived at. Poetry will remain, of course. Expression of feelings and thoughts through poetry is a way for one to deal with those feelings and thoughts in an artistic and useful form. Poetry is therapy. Much of my poetry, if not all of it, is therapy to me and it is honest and truthful.

Much Love, Success, and Respect


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12 thoughts on “Be Honest for Yourself, NOT the World.

  1. Your writing whether fiction or not is brilliant. And as you must know I love it. If I quit blogging today, I’d still stick around to read your blog.

    As for any books you may publish in the future, I will surely buy them. Keep on doing what you are doing, the encouragement and positivity you put out into blog land is an inspiration for us all.

    You have what not many have, an emotional intelligence in your writing which reaches people. Much respect to you.

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  2. Whew. I have a lot of complex responses to this post. My teenage daughter has observed that in Mock Trial, the critique of the teen girls is often that they are too aggressive. She says that they never say the boys are too aggressive in the critiques. The double standard is right there, visible. So should she be herself? Or is that “too aggressive”? My “Good girl” dream and story is about that. Thank you, Ronovan!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I, for one, am glad you’ve come to terms with your calling and are accepting it. And I am certainly sticking around to see where things go; I’ve really been enjoying the “lead-ups” to this change, by the way, and am eager for more.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. If you can teach just one person hope then you have done a wonderful thing. If you want to teach others to look positively at a world where we seem to be drowned in messages of negativity then you have set yourself a truly worthy goal! Thanks for letting us be a part of this journey and very best wishes to you for the future. The joy you already bring to others through your writing and generosity is already making a difference. TJ.

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