A Love Of. My #100WordWisdom

A love of life.a-love-of
A love of living.
A love of laughter.
A love of forgiving.

A love of smiles.
A love of gleams.
A love of isles.
A love of dreams.

A love of hands.
A love of arms.
A love of breaths.
A love of charms.

A love of days.
A love of nights.
A love of thoughts.
A love of sites.

A love of hopes.
A love of heart.
A love of scope.
A love of smart.

A love of kisses.
A love of brushes.
A love of whispers.
A love of hushes.

A love of you

Much Love, Success, and Respect

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6 thoughts on “A Love Of. My #100WordWisdom

  1. Often words lack (because English is my second language, you never catch up with a first) …one thing I do know, not enough is written about love, because it’s so many things, ideas, people:)


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