Let a moment just be a moment.

I have been suffering a very bad migraine the past couple of days. Early this morning, not able to sleep, I decided to try a little meditation. I actually try various things to bring myself into a more positive mindset. No, I am not part of the mindfulness group. I haven’t done any research on it as of yet, as I am writing my own thoughts about some things first, and would rather they not be influenced at their base level.

As I meditated, my mind drifted. No surprise there. During meditation I was focusing on the breaths and the rising and falling of the body with each one. I focused on simply existing in that moment. That’s when the thought of positive and negative as not existing in the moment of being came to me. A moment does not acquire a label until we assign one to it. And that moment is gone before we can even give it a name.

I thought about why people can be so confused and depressed about things. A chain of moments are made up of what people would call both positive and negative moments. Our minds have difficulty processing what we think of as negative also having positive moments within it. But perhaps it is the labels that are the problem. Perhaps that moment is not a positive but not a negative either. Perhaps the moment simply is.

If you want to look at being positive as being without negatives, then try simply being. No, it won’t always work out that way, but it will a lot more often than you realize. We label things way too much. A glass breaks, and we get upset. Why? It’s a broken glass. It’s not a broken person. Perhaps it was an antique or had special memories attached to it. Yet, it is a glass. Don’t let a broken glass spiral you into something you can’t get yourself out of.

Sounds a little over the top? How many of you have found someone crying over something broken? You think the person is being a little silly about it, you just don’t quite understand even though you try. But that person labeled moments attached to those items.

Work on simply being, existing in the moment. Let a moment just be a moment.

Much Love, Success, and Respect


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13 thoughts on “Let a moment just be a moment.

  1. Aw, as someone who suffered from horrid migraines as a younger person, please allow me to share something with you that has helped me ward them off as time has gone by. Take your fingers and pull the tops of your ears down. like you are folding them over the ear holes. This releases pressure off the nerve that runs up the back of the neck, which I have heard many a health care professional tell me is inflamed when we have a migraine. I hope my description of what to do makes sense, I sat here and did it to make certain I could explain it properly. Also, hold your ear tops down for as long as you can. I shall send Reiki and lots of well wishes too! ❤


  2. You experienced “the moment!” Wonderful and “enlightening.” Your words here: “Perhaps that moment is not a positive but not a negative either. Perhaps the moment simply is.” That is it! You lived in the moment! Simple?

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  3. Hard to keep perspective sometimes. Stepping back instead of emotionally lunging forward is wise.
    Always difficult to really know what another person is thinking or experiencing – human language is not firmly exact and hard set specific so there no misunderstanding (and of course add in the “viewer’s” emotional response based on their own experience.)
    Simply being is not so simple, yet a wonderful goal.
    Hope you feel better soon


  4. The present moment… IS. While cognitively (and maybe practically) we attempt to work out what’s positive or negative, and as you said before, they are matters of perspective. When our mind, heart and spirit align… there is the moment, and “that moment is gone before we can even give it a name”. It’s a phenomenon, an experience… nameless, formless. May you have many of them 🙂

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  5. I found this post particularly interesting and timely, especially the example you used of the broken glass. Very recently I broke my favorite coffee mug, one that had a good amount of sentiment attached to it. I was fairly upset, too, until a friend said take the pieces and make a mosaic pipe stand or ashtray with them: What an idea! The point being I could loose the mug but retain the memories associated with it.

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  6. Good for you for living in the moment. I’ve practiced for years and I’m still trying to stay in the moment. Some food for thought- A Dr. taught me to meditate pretty easily. Close your eyes, take deep breaths and whenever *any thought* enters your mind, think “Let it Go”. After a few minutes of thinking “let it go”, your mind will calm down. Plus, “alternate nose breathing” works well. I learned it during yoga training and it really calms you down.
    I hope your migraines go away. Sending you healing thoughts.
    MJ 🙂

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