You. (A Poem.)

poetry image man on rocks looking out to sea

When the days are long, and nights even longer.
Thinking of you, makes my desire even stronger.

poetry image man on rocks looking out to sea

Didn’t know which way I liked it better so I put both in.

Much Love, Success, and Respect


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5 thoughts on “You. (A Poem.)

  1. I preferred the second one. Powerful image and verse. So moving.
    I have been thinking of you a bit recently as I know how you love Haiku and I haven’t even dipped my little toe into those waters until now.
    Last week, I went to a local authors event and met Haiku master Beverley George and she made it sound so simple and yet so emotionally and spiritually moving, which is just my cup of tea. Here’s a link to an interview with her:
    Two nights ago, I attended open day where my son will be going to high nschool next year and they had a Haiku writing station in the library and I had a go and was quite pleased with the results. I wrote it based on a photograph I had taken of a sea gull taking flight with a rainbow in the background. Here’s the link:
    I feel like I am taking the first tentative steps on a new journey xx Rowena


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