RonovanWrites 66th #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Challenge Review

44 Players this week, and one amazing new person joined in. You definitely need to go check her blog out. Also you’ll notice something strange about the review. I did it in reverse. After the First to Offend it goes in last one in, first one mentioned and so forth. I thought, why not throw a monkey mallet into the mix.

Pine car’s race down hill,

To certain glory and dread,

Pizza does race on.

Haiku Review 66

New to Offend this Week!

NEW! Diedré M. Blake: “…a writer and art therapist, specializing in the treatment of eating disorders.  She goes by “D.” and has been called a “Renaissance woman” by friends. Travelling has always been an aspect of her personal and family history.  She was born in Jamaica.” Check out much more about this fascinating woman on her about page by clicking HERE. How Low Feels | Toward The Within. Never thought of that last line before. Cool mind going on here.

First to Offend this Week!

 TJ Paris: Odd Couplings |La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin. Does this dude have a photo for every occasion? If things get more difficult around here it might be because I’m challenging his photo file. Nah, I wont’ do that, at least not on purpose. @Roccoco_a_GoGo

Steven S. Walsky (Author): the words drift back | Simplicity Lane. A Haibun this week–a story–something you do need to read. A truly great piece of writing. Click the Author link above to go to Steven’s blog where you will find all the available places for each book. He’s varied.

Shailzaa: The Tree | Fewunsaidwords. Very good way of using pine here. Two different ways of looking at it depending on the line you want to focus on.

Swatiu: Lesson Learned | imgrowing. I think my title for this one fits. Really it does. Don’t care what y’all say.

E. Rawls (Author):  Burdens & Chocolate Longing | Rawls E. Fantasy. Some serious issues here. That’s all I’m saying. Check out Bleeding Hearts, a collection of short stories, poems, and riddles, at Elizabeth’s Author page on Amazon by clicking the Author link above.  @VChronicles_

Florence: Dare to Fly | Meanings And Musings. One of those life lesson things she does. @FTThum

Alka: Weltshmertz and our Woeful Longing | Magnanimous Words. She was truly inspired this week. Only partly by the words which then lead elsewhere. @girally

Steven: Taiga and Mo(u)rning | Ramblings of a Drabbling Mind. He went nature. Also make certain to check out the blurb at the bottom of his post.

Vashti Quiroz-Vega (Author):  Ekho’s Passion | The Writer Next Door. Nature of a different sort. One must give credit for one interpreting nature in more than one way, while in some ways staying the same. Check out Vashti on Amazon at the Author link above and you can see her interview by clicking HERE. @VashtiQV

H. M. Goodchild (Author): Golden Moans | Folksong and Fantasy. I took a bit of liberty with the naming of this one, a touch of humor. When you read her Haiku, 2 of them, you will see where it came from. We have a talent with us. H. M. Goodchild is found on Amazon as Harriet Goodchild, yes, we have another author joining us. Click the Author link above to go to her Amazon Author page. 

Greg: It Will End | Potholes in the Road of Life. He cheated, and that’s all I’m sayin’. @greg_wolford

Becky G: For a Road Untraveled | Becky G? Oh, that’s me! Funny how two in a row used the prompt words in one line. Good use of photography to give her words more meaning or a completed meaning.

VronLacroix: Grief in the valley | Simply Shanpshots. Hmm, interesting. After a couple of readings I got it. A great thing about Haiku is you can read it twice in a matter of seconds. 🙂

jazzytower: Beauty Reaches | Thoughts and Entanglements. Well I personally think one aids the other.

Daniel Schwamm: Nest of Death | Musing Life’s Mysteries. Cool. Totally did some interpreting here and awesome. That one for pine may take people a few moments, but it works.

Jane Dougherty (Author): Long neck memories | Jane Dougherty Writes. Three Haiku telling a story. Had fun coming up with this title.  Check out Jane’s books on Amazon at the Author link above. @MJDougherty33

denis: tomorrow | Haiku hound. A Haiku that could apply to man or beast and an image that works so well. And I made him dig for this image. Awesome me.

Elizabeth: Silence | Tea & Paper. I think more of us can understand this one, including the story to go with it than we all could imagine. Believe me, I totally get it. @teandpaper

Dr. Kottaway: Grieve | KO Rural Mad As Hell Blog. Rhymes all over the place in this one, and an expressionist pine is given.

Ritu: Sonu Singh’s Lament & The Things You Do For Love | But I Smile Anyway. Both nature, but different. @PhantomGiggler

D.B. Mauldin (Author): Aromatherapy & Love | mama bear musings. Okay, that first one is just funny if  you pay attention to her blog other than the Haiku challenge. . Check out the Author link for offerings on Amazon and click HERE for the About page links to other online distribution such as Smashwords.

Al: ThreeFerOne | Al the Author’s Blog. I know, not very original of me but it’s one of those days where thinking of Al as bear in the woods just kind of scarred me. @AlistairLane

J Lapis:    5 Griefs and Pine-ings| DarkLight Harbor. Nice use of words you don’t use every day. I kind of like that.

Jen (JK): Among the Branches | The Secret Keeper. I think this is one people will relate to in their own varied ways. @occultguardian

Pat B.: Refuge | A season and a time. Very nice. Also some nice comments as well.

Elusive: Near the Clearcut | Elusive Trope. Yeah, I don’t always get the why of these things being done. Sometimes a necessity but most often not.

Sandra: Allegory | Wild Daffodil. Ha, funny with this one. Remember, Wild Daffy is the queen of what I call Make the Most of Your Post.

Nagrij or (Greg Pierce) yeah, I snooped. (Author): Oops | Nagrij Writes the Hits You Never Knew Existed. Yeah, I got it. I’m about an hour from their training facilities, my parents are about 5 minutes away. You can check out the list of books on Amazon by clicking the Author link above.

Olga: Lost to Wisdom | Stuff and what if. Very interesting image. Keep looking at it. A glance won’t work. The Haiku itself has a great message.

Janice: Lose the Craving | Ontheland  Okay, I got it. Helps to get it when people aren’t like constantly asking you the same question over and over even though you give the same answer each time. I literally mean over and over during the time I tried to review this one. @ontheland1

Sue Vincent (Author): Unchanging | Daily Echo. Jealousy in nature. Yeah, I can see that. Just like two old men. Click the Author link for Sue at Amazon and her many books. @SCVincent

Clarence:(2 links) Futility | PrarieChat. Aaarrrgh! Find out a bit about Clarence’s acting career in the comments. And a second one: Susan Lucci’s Last Goodbye. Ha. Someone has been watching way too much TV this week.

Kat: Grief Amidst the Pines | like mercury colliding. Okay, you have to love the dedication of this member.

  • I stopped on the way home to get a photo of that sapling nestled amidst the pines. Replaced the first pic. Like I said…perfect timing for this prompt! ☺️

Mira:(2 links) insufferable | They, You And Me. At first sight of the title I thought she was making a commentary on my choice of prompt words. loss | To Wear A Rainbow. I so need to pick more cheerful words next time. @BediMona

Judy: Mourn the Passing | Edwina’s Episodes. It’s not what you think. Go check it out. @EdwinasEpisodes

Peter Bouchier: ‘mine pine’ | Wherever I lay my pen, that’s my home. I like this one. A positive side of it all. Excellent.

Alice: Grief is a bitch | Boomerang Zone. Let’s call it therapy, and I think that’ll explain it. @Vidocq_CC

Meredith & Martha: Oh, Christmas Tree/Grief by Martha and K.I.S./Refugees by Meredith | Meredith’s Musings. These got a lot of lovin’ this week on Meredith’s blog as well as the reblog on my own. @Meredithlbl

Liz: Good Grief | Quilted Poetry. So says the wise. Or the very exasperated.

Juliette: No Home For The Holidays | Battered Wife seeking Better Life. Holiday hatin’. @BWseeingBL

Annette Rochelle Aben (Best Selling Author, Radio Show Host): A Sappy Story | Annette Rochelle Aben. Then take it off, Annette!  Check out Annette’s books at the Author link above and her Radio Show at the Host link. @YouAreTheExpert

Ron_LWIRonovan is an author, and blogger who shares his life as an amnesiac and Chronic Pain sufferer though his blog His love of poetry, authors and community through his online world has lead to a growing Weekly Haiku Challenge and the creation of a site dedicated to book reviews, interviews and author resources known as

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  1. Thanks so much for the wonderful challenge Ronovan. I have not even begun to scratch the surface of my photos and taking more all the time. Mwa ha ha!!! Hope you have a happy and healthy week.

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