My Way From Hell.

The winds fight through memories walls,
Shaking earth and the very foundation falls.
Never does the howling cry release,
The heart relentless to true belief.

Is it the craven mongrel’s hunger,
Seething inside and sounding thunder?
Beating the heart until aching pains,
Thrust through the chambers built for love’s gains.

Phantasms drift through sleeping minds,
Haunting desires of different kinds.
One less stumbling step to take,
Until it’s time for goodness sake.

Pathways higher than others may stand,
Wind blown free from dangerous sand.
Particles of grime to taint the dream,
Will never bring the pure of heart to scream.

Take your wallowed mess of grievous hate,
And keep it for your eternal soul mate.
I have found my way from hell,
Finding love out of my pained shell.

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 © Copyright-All rights reserved by 2016


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