Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge 316 Destruct&Self

Please come by on Wednesday for the new Décima Poetry Challenge. I sometimes have the prompt related to the Haiku words. It’s kind of fun to have the two work together in your own poetry.

Click HERE for last week’s Haiku links using the prompt words Chimpanzee and Kiss.

Check out the responses below in the comments for links to our Poets haiku this week.

How to write Haiku in English. And how to do a Pingback.

Useful Links.
Thesaurus: Destruct, Self
Merriam-Webster Dictionary

The Guidelines:

  1. Take the two words and write a Haiku. I use Haiku in English as my style, which is 5 syllables for the first line, 7 for the second, and 5 for the third, but you can use what you like.
    • The link above has links on how to write Haibun and Tanka. You can also do the 3/5/3 form if you like instead of the 5/7/5 that I usually use. Write, share, and have fun. For syllable help, visit (You would be surprised at how many syllables some words actually have.)
    • Words have different definitions and you use the definitions that work for you Haiku. You can also use SYNONYMS. Go to for synonym help.
  2. Copy the link of your finished haiku URL and paste in a comment below so we can all go and visit your Haiku.
    • You can do a pingback. What’s a pingback? Place the URL from the address bar up top from this post as a link within your post. Your inclusion of the link encourages others to try the challenge, be creative, and join a community to find friends and more followers (hopefully). I honestly gain nothing with more people visiting the post. I don’t have ads running that generates revenue by your visit or by clicks on whatever WordPress has put up.
    • Click HERE for a detailed post on PINGBACKS.
  3. If you like, copy the image in this post and place it within their post, just to show the Haiku is part of this challenge.
    • I am not saying you need or even should, but if you would like to do so then go ahead.

The Challenge Words!


Not sure how to write a Haiku? Click HERE for a quick How to write Haiku Poem in English Form with links to posts for other forms of Haiku.

Much Respect-Much Love




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28 thoughts on “Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge 316 Destruct&Self

  1. […] This is my sixth entry for the Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge. The two words for this week are Destruct and Self. All four of my haikus are about people and things that happen in the Hindu epic of Mahabharata. One unique example of self destruct is how Arjuna vowed to kill Jayadratha in the fourteenth day of the war to get justice for innocent Abhimanyu’s death the previous day.  The reason that the other four Pandavas couldn’t help Abhimanyu the day before was because Jayadratha kept them from following Abhimanyu into the Chakravyuh that Guru Drona had made. Arjuna vowed that he would kill Jayadratha by the end of the fourteenth day or he would commit suicide by burning himself.  Because of a solar eclipse at the right time, everyone thought that Arjuna would have to fulfill his oath and kill himself. I would bet that they all were surprised when the sun came back and Arjuna fulfilled his oath and killed evil Jayadratha. Here’s a link to Ronovan’s blog […]

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