loves anguish… thirst – an open poem letter

I self-destruct when

your words are lost from my life

dread pervades this void


dread pervades this void

as my ego begs for hope

life devastates me


life devastates me

when your eyes embrace with mine

own          these thoughts hunger


own these thoughts           hunger

and thirst           to demolish walls

for identities


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haiku-poetry-prompt-challenge-316 destruct and self

Destruct and Self

© 2020 Ronovan Hester Copyright reserved. The author asserts his moral and legal rights over this work.


7 thoughts on “loves anguish… thirst – an open poem letter

    • Sometimes it’s quick, but lately I’ve been taking more time with the less humorous ones. Some have taken a couple of hours or more to get it to where I am satisfied enough with it. I have the message in my head, just making it fit into the structure in a nice smooth way is the challenge.

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    • I made the form up so I call it a
      Shi Rensa Haiku.

      With chain (Rensa) being the adjective closest to the noun (Haiku) because it is the primary descriptive of the phrase. (Yeah, I looked into Japanese sentence structure.)

      Rensa=Chain, connection

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