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My first time as an Author being interviewed on a blog. 2o Questions ranging from my novel to my teaching experiences and favorite music. Click through and read all of the answers to all of the questions!

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I am pleased to feature an interview with Ronovan Writes, who has kindly invited me here to submit articles for LitWorldInterviews.  I am a self-published author, who enjoys interviewing other authors and people connected with writing.


As well as being an author with a debut novel Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling, coming out in February 2016, Ronovan also provides invaluable resources for Indie authors here on

I also admire Ronovan because, like me,  he is trying to turn a health issue into something positive.

1.  You tell me that you were born of migrant fruit pickers.  How old were you before your parents settled in one place?  Where do you call home now?

As best as I can tell, it was about the time of Kindergarten. I recall taking naps on those floor nap mats each day and swinging in swings to dangerous heights, at least they were high in my mind. Today people would see that…

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A Brand New Day (A Poem)


It isn’t really a problem

This thing inside my head

Though others think it’s tragic

I look to it for creativity instead

I’ve learned how to write

About a person who needs love

When I already have friends

When push comes to shove

I’ve learned how to like

Some brand new things

Like cheeseburger pizzas

And BBQ flavored hot wings

But in truth

What it really has done

Has made out of me

A sensitive one

I know what is pain

I know what is loss

I know that things can happen

As quick as a coin toss

And through it all

Things end up okay

Because with each new dawn

I  have a brand new day



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