Junked up.

Cast upon the shore

Like a rusty old coke can

My car looks like junk.


A funny one this week, sort of.

Cologne and Glass: The Things Memories are Made of (Writing Tip)

Cologne and Glass: The Things Memories are Made of (Writing Tip)

by: Ronovan

What takes you back to childhood days? So you smell the autumn leaves and think of the schoolyard playground, or jumping in leaves? Does a crisp morning with clear sunshine peeking through bare tree limbs throw you back to high school weekends? Can you use this to help your writing? Sure you can. Write what you feel.

For me there is a love affair with glass bottles. Really it can be any type of bottle that has character to it. But today I want to share an art that isn’t really given enough credit.

Avon Cologne Bottles

One of the great tragedies of the world is that men are afraid of the word Avon. That word bringImages the idea of makeup and pink cars with oh just so perfect looking women with samples for the woman of the house. But there is something a generation or two of men have missed out on. Let me show you why men should be a little more open to Avon, and it has nothing to do with makeup.

Cars are great, especially in glass. Imagine being a kid and walking into what you think must be the oldest house in the world and seeing a whole desk lined with cologne bottles like this. At that moment I was hooked. But maybe cars aren’t really what you are into.



A how about a motorcycle?







A steamboat?                                                                                          Sailboat?



 Or maybe even animals.



You just never know where and when you will find works of art. I see these and get flashes of old feelings and they bring words to describe old moments of an old time. Anything can inspire a moment of writing and help capture a feeling you need. When you want to have that nostalgic feeling or a need to feel like a kid, look at something from your childhood. Then close your eyes and write what you see and feel.

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