Answer the question time.

What do you think of the new format of the Haiku Review with categories?

Guess who.

The first one to comment who this new Profile Photo is of get’s a free reblog of their sites post of choice to my site, as long as it is appropriate. The person in the picture can participate as well. See if she’s reading. If she is the first to guess she and the next person win!

She guessed and I deleted her comments to make it not so easy for the next person!



And we have a winner!








Make some noise with a Thunderclap. For me and @PSBartlett

Want to help Author PS Bartlett make some noise?

Want to do it without having to write a post?

Want to do it simply by clicking something?

For Free?

Do you know who my upcoming novel that will be released is co-authored with?

Go to the link below and click to help on the social media sites you want to help on. The more that sign up the better, the more people that are reached. That’s all there is to it. You don’t do anything. On the day of the message to go out, it does it for you. No responsibility on you. Just click it and forget it.

While you are at it also go and pre-order. Trust me on this one, you get a peak at what might be coming from me. I’ve read this one. I even helped with some character traits.

Is that a teaser? You betcha’!

By helping PS Bartlett today you are helping my co-authored book to be published in the maybe not too distant future.


P.S. Bartlett Demons and Pearls Cover

3/4 of a Century

Everyone please visit Meredith’s post today and wish her a Happy Birthday! Yes, one of our Poetic Angels was born on this day. Show her love and appreciation.
Much Respect and Even GREATER Love to you, Meredith.

Meredith's Reveries

cakeLast night Mark, my son, asked me if I didn’t think I’d like to be 100, if only to say that I look old. Truthfully I have no expectations or goals; neither do I have any fears.

 “Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.” Matthew 6:34 MSG

The day began like any other day until I pressed the switch on the computer. Then the shower began. First Gogglebirthday12-thp opened up with an array of cakes to spell their appellation, and as I passed the mouse over it, a personal greeting. I felt so special. Then my phone began chirping it’s signal for texts and posts. I’m blessed by family and friends who remember and celebrate with me.


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Ronovan Writes Week In Review

ronovan writes banner

In case you missed something from this week, here they all are. Hope you find something you enjoy.


Bruised Heart-A Haiku


Blogging Personality: The Key to Success.


Ronovan Writes Weekend Mick Flick. Do you feel Serendipity this week?

Depression, Understanding, and Finding Peace.


Maybe more next week,
Ronovan Writes

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Ronovan Writes Week In Review

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In case you missed something from this week, here they all are. Hope you find something you enjoy.


Pop Fail-A Haiku

Night Fails Me Again

Pure Love

Writing Tip

How do you write?


Blogging: Making Friends That Last


Fallin’ but got up. And a blog tip thrown in.

Ronovan Writes Weekend Mick Flick. Grab some lamb & some olives. We’re going Greek.

Character is Huge.


Maybe more next week,
Ronovan Writes

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Help me help some authors out.

There is something I would like to ask for all of you to do.

It’s not for me but for the authors I am trying to help by doing interviews on LitWorldInterviews.


If you see me Tweet something about an author, I would like to ask that you ReTweet it. Some of these people are friends of yours and I want all the help you can give them as well as the others. I don’t plan to favor one author over another but I do get stretched thin at times (I wish that worked for my waistline). If you can RT those Tweets then that gets the message out to that many more people. The only day I even put out a lot of Tweets for them is on a Wednesday and then it’s one for each around lunch time Eastern, otherwise it’s just when an interview comes out or they have some special thing happen like PS Bartlett did with the release of her book this past Friday.

In other words, this is not about me, but promoting them. If you can’t or don’t want to, then that is up to you, but I wanted to put for the request.


Much Respect and Thank You for Your Time


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Under Construction

Just to warn everyone, you may see some construction going on around the blog for a few days. Looking to make  a little change here and there.

Trying to think of a nice personalized Header that reflects me as Ronovan Writes. Have a few ideas. Who knows what might show up. Just wanted you all to know not to think you are in the wrong place if you catch me in the middle of a change.



Virtual Blog Tour brought to you by the letter K or maybe D? Hmm…





I got selected for a Virtual Blog Tour by a very special lady. I’ve grown fond of her being around of late and enjoy each time I see the star light up at the top of the screen and see it’s her. (I feel the same about you too, Hugh, so stop pouting.)

Katherine of Dandelion Fuzz kat

I guess just went blank when it came time for her second choice and I happened to be on her reader. What a great supporter of my blog and what I do. Such a great addition to my little world.



Look at this big empty space. It’s like a clean dry erase board in schools these days.  For those of you my age, think chalkboard but with like markers and a white board you can wipe things off of.



What am I working on?

Everyone’s last nerve. No, seriously, I want to be a dentist. No actually the only nerve I think I am working is my own. I am slowly working on a Romance novel revision. I think it’s going to have to take priority soon, which means less blogging. I keep saying that but I keep meaning it.

The big thing I am working on now is a new site called Lit World Interviews which I created as a way to give authors a place to have an interview to use for their sites and press packets but to also spread their names. I’ve been fortunate to have some great people agree to interviews so far but I think my biggest break has been one of those authors, Jo Robinson agreeing to join the LitWorldInterviews Team as an expert in self publishing and writing advice.


How does my blog differ from others in its genre?

I really don’t know if my blog has a genre, not RonovanWrites that is. If I think it I write it. It doesn’t mean it always works but I enjoy doing it, and that’s what we should all remember what a blog is about. I think I do like to support other bloggers that might fall between the cracks at times. I’m not afraid to say I enjoy a person’s writing even if their site my be a little different than my normal viewing. You get what you want out of a blog you visit. That’s one thing I enjoy about visiting blogs, I can pick and choose what I want to see. And I don’t judge. Some people just like to write some different things. Maybe not my deal but excellent writing itself.

I also think there is a bit of a community thing I’ve tried to build up. Also I think some friendships I’ve made have been good for the blog in sharing each others space. Hugh Roberts of Hugh’s Views &News is one and Amanda Lyle of insidethelifeofmoi is the other that immediately come to mind.

My tips I share are a bit more, well they’re very detailed in instructions about how to do certain things but I try to put them in a language and a way that anyone can use them. Even when talking about Search Engine Optimization, SEO, I describe things in a way that is easy to understand, or I hope so. One recent article got picked up by site that deals in such things and that was a bit gratifying. I don’t normally talk about it when my work gets picked up but I enjoyed that one quite a bit.

Why do I create what I do?

I have to create or I go slightly crazy. I have all these emotions and thoughts inside that if they don’t come out I will explode. Romance has really hit me hard this past year. Putting my heart into something and sharing it from a man’s thoughts seemed a bit unusual to me. I mean really sharing the deep things. I do it on my site quite often. I’m not sure what kind of image that relays, but you gotta be yourself, right?

I had one person say something like I might be like contributing to a gender war because I support women so much on my site and might come off as bashing men. I would really like to see anyone find anything untrue that I’ve said. I usually give a good and bad side to things. My serious things don’t go over well. I guess people that read me go for my lighter stuff. I don’t know really. That does sadden me a bit as I really would like to share more things that I feel a bit passionate about but I don’t want to turn people away either. I enjoy my friends here.

How does your creative process work?

I think it then I write it. A poem for me takes about 10 minutes max to write. For those I just like to have it quite, calm, settled and then I open myself up and let the words come out. I usually close my eyes so nothing interferes with the images in my head or influences the feelings coming out.

I’ve started digging deeper for my poetry. I don’t think I’ve gone much below the surface of what I feel yet. I’m still trying and some day I’ll make it. There’s a certain level of fear you need to get over to dig those things you bury to protect.

I love writing novels about whatever. Like a teen girl traipsing through some wild places looking for the solution to a mystery, to a future world where the earth has been contaminated and there is an alternate form of living. But Romance is king at the moment.

What is a quote or two that sums you up?

“I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for the salvation of all those who believe, first the Jew and then the Gentile.”-Romans 1:16

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” Mark 12:31

There might be a word different here or there from the original as I am doing that from memory. There are some things that never leave you.


Now I get to choose two people to pass the torch to.

I think I’ll choose my buddy Hugh of Hugh’s Views and News.


What can I say about Hugh that will sum him up? Madness. I don’t mean that in a bad way. I enjoy madness. I told Hugh not long ago that he is one of the best friends I have, period. He’s a great guy. He writes everything, random like I am. Hmm . . . we both like Oreos. I wonder if that has anything to do with it. Love those cream filled cookies/biscuits/whatever. He’s British, as I learned is the proper way to refer to someone over yonder across the pond. But seriously, Hugh’s a lovely guy that everyone really adores when the get to know him.


Second I’ll choose Kate of Dazzling Whimsy.

KateKate’s an actual friend of mine I’ve known for years. She has three great kids that I love to pieces. I claim her daughters as mine. It’s not like they can hit me or anything, we live several states apart. Kate’s site is filled with photography. I know you’re thinking all those photography sites, but she has a story for each one. One is about the flower she has that is from the bulb or something that belonged to her grandmother or great grandmother and has traveled with her to where she lives. I mean do you get that on every photography site?

No she didn’t take the picture and didn’t do all the bling. I did the bling. That’s what she gets for making me an editor on her site while she was starting back the first week of the school year. Yeah, she’s a teacher so I helped her out on her blog for a few days. Oh and to show you why I love her kids so much. Yeah, I blinged it too. Love the glitter. (They hated it.)

Kate's Girls


Well that’s all for me. I look forward to what these two have to offer up to us in the near future.


Much Respect





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B’s Banana Treat

My son B, you remember him, right? He gave me the pecan I keep in my pocket. I’ve had it for almost 7 years now and he watches out for me these days.

Boy at desk with apple


Well, he loves ice cream. Duh, right? Most boys do. But I am not into giving him a lot of sweets so I had to come up with something different.


He likes smoothies, well I decided to do something a little different.


You take those ripe bananas that are getting close to THAT point, and you know what I mean, slice them into rounds.

Sliced banana in the air

Then place them flat inside of a freezer bag. Then freeze.

 Penguins Antarctica


Why rounds and flat?


This way you can simply take out as many as you want whenever you want and leave the rest.


Why frozen?


Ice Cream Maker WomanThis acts like ice cream so you don’t need to worry about the whole freezer time of making it.


When my son wants some ice cream all I do is take out a handful of banana rounds, put them in a food processor, I actually have one of those little mini things that I can use. Yes that is the technical term for it. Don’t judge me!


I add just a touch of milk and some vanilla if I feel like it, but usually not.


Then process until smooth. Just don’t overdo it. There is a difference between ice cream and soup.


Now my son has a healthy ice cream treat and he loves it. Just bananas and I use 1% milk but use whatever you like. Regardless it will be healthier than ice cream. You can even add other fruits to it or even a spoon of peanut butter for protein. But I will tell you, I tried the peanut butter and it kind of freaked me out, but he kind of liked it a little. Hey, he eats it, right?


Happy & Healthy Eating


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Cologne and Glass: The Things Memories are Made of (Writing Tip)

Cologne and Glass: The Things Memories are Made of (Writing Tip)

by: Ronovan

What takes you back to childhood days? So you smell the autumn leaves and think of the schoolyard playground, or jumping in leaves? Does a crisp morning with clear sunshine peeking through bare tree limbs throw you back to high school weekends? Can you use this to help your writing? Sure you can. Write what you feel.

For me there is a love affair with glass bottles. Really it can be any type of bottle that has character to it. But today I want to share an art that isn’t really given enough credit.

Avon Cologne Bottles

One of the great tragedies of the world is that men are afraid of the word Avon. That word bringImages the idea of makeup and pink cars with oh just so perfect looking women with samples for the woman of the house. But there is something a generation or two of men have missed out on. Let me show you why men should be a little more open to Avon, and it has nothing to do with makeup.

Cars are great, especially in glass. Imagine being a kid and walking into what you think must be the oldest house in the world and seeing a whole desk lined with cologne bottles like this. At that moment I was hooked. But maybe cars aren’t really what you are into.



A how about a motorcycle?







A steamboat?                                                                                          Sailboat?



 Or maybe even animals.



You just never know where and when you will find works of art. I see these and get flashes of old feelings and they bring words to describe old moments of an old time. Anything can inspire a moment of writing and help capture a feeling you need. When you want to have that nostalgic feeling or a need to feel like a kid, look at something from your childhood. Then close your eyes and write what you see and feel.

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Eggplant by Train (Just a flash back hit me.)

Are You Half Empty Or Half Full?

Are You Half Empty Or Half Full?

by: Ronovan

You have heard the old question “Is the glass half empty or half full”. The idea is if you say half empty, you are a pessimist and if half full, an optimist. I like to reply with this, “What’s your goal, to empty the glass or fill it?”

gettyimages © Original Photo by Brooke Pennington
gettyimages © Original Photo by Brooke Pennington

The point is philosophy and other thought studies like to box one in by decisions they’ve already made about the answers you haven’t come up with yet. It’s the same for people taking a look at you and making a judgement for the first time.

They don’t know how your mind works, what your morals are, or what your life has made of you. All they see is the answers they’ve already come up with before even asking the questions.

What’s the moral to this little rambling? If there is one it might be to always ask honestly, answer honestly, and listen honestly. Honestly, it is the best policy.


© Copyright-All rights 12, 2014.

Helene Rother: Simply put…Designer

I doubt Helene Rother knew as she and her young daughter escaped to a refugee camp in northern Africa from Nazi occupied France that before long she would be illustrating for Marvel Comics, apparently Jupiter Jimmy, and designing automobile interiors in the United States.

This is a gem I found as I was researching for a car that might have been used in the American Zone of Berlin by an American officer in the late 1940s. I don’t traditionally like to utilize the cliché vehicles we read about in every other book. Instead I want something interesting that I can learn from. When I found the 1948 Nash 600 and Helene Rother I knew I had found my car.


(Interior shot courtesy of

Helene is credited as being the first woman to work as an automotive designer back in 1943. It’s really no wonder that she was so successful. She knew what women liked and thus what men would like. She brought class to the middle class. And she changed the way the auto industry treated not only the less wealthy auto buyer but the creative woman as well.

Helene went on to design interiors for ambulances and hearses and have her own design company. She even designed the Skylark silverware pattern for Samuel Kirk & Son.


Later in life she began designing stained glass for churches. (Stained glass images courtesy of