The Mad Strangler

The Mad Strangler



“Bill, what’s a wrangle?”

“It ain’t a what, woman, it means go make me dinner.”

“Mmhmm. You better call 911.”


“I’m not a wrangler.”


“But I am a strangler.”

I don’t know the age of some who might read this but in old westerns and the like, they would say “go wrangle up something to eat.” I suppose it had to do with those involed being wranglers, people who handled animals, those who herded cattle and horses. I guess they are what was once called the cowboy.

I rarely write anything other than poetry on this blog these days, but my first love is writing fiction, thus working on five books at once at the moment, and editing a romance for another author. But, when I saw the Weekend Writing Prompt by Sammi Cox of sammiscribbles blog was to use the word ‘WRANGLE’ and be exactly 33 words, this kind of came to met.

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I’m Not THAT Man

I’m Not THAT Man

by: Ronovan


“So you say I’m pretty? I am not interested in you, so give up.”


How many of you men out there have heard anything like that? No, keep your hands up. I’ll get to you eventually. Oh, never mind. I’ll just say a lot of you said yes. Pardon how I ask this, but doesn’t that just chap your cheese and grate your hide? And yes…that is how I say it.


I have a confession to make. I have a habit.


Yes, it’s true. I….I…I pay compliments.What Balloon


The weight is lifted and I can breathe again. Ah, that feels so good.


When I compliment it’s normally about someone’s talent but occasionally it may be about someone’s hair or dress. I am even sometimes amazed at the way someone’s skin looks. Maybe it’s because I have fair skin and cannot tan that I find those who can amazing. But I get judged because of other people who have complimented in the past with other intentions.


And it’s not just women that will judge. Even men think you are up to something if you pay compliments to a woman.




I believe it is one of three reasons;Cartoon Whistling at Woman

1)      That’s the reason THEY pay a woman compliments

2)      In their experience that’s the ONLY reason men have paid compliments before

3)      Media/Entertainment PORTRAYS it that way


Don’t worry, I’m not saying that this judgment hasn’t been brought on by legitimate actions of men over the course of existence but I don’t like it.


Yes, I said it. I DON’T like it.


Young Woman after Old Man's MoneyI’m not an attractive guy, so if a woman were to pay attention to me should I instantly assume she is after money?


“Oh, that is just so wrong of you to even think. Not all women are like that. And you need to have more confidence in yourself.”


Excuse me? Hello! You judge me shouldn’t I judge you? Guess what, I don’t think that way. For one thing I don’t get approached but if I did I wouldn’t even think about it. People are just people to me.




No it’s not. It’s taken years to get to this point in my life and with some odd occurrences but I am a person who just sees a person as whatever they represent. That doesn’t mean I am going to let you spend the night at my house and pet my cat. I don’t know you that well. But you haven’t done anything to me to warrant my considering you a criminal.


Do you know that’s what it feels like when someone thinks of you as just a hit on artist? A nice person feels dirty andEmbarrassed Tiger ashamed. And all they did was be nice. It makes them not want to try and be nice any longer.


I’m not saying people should be naïve. I am just saying people should take each person as they come and be “Okay, you’re fine until you screw up.” That screw up is not as in, go out with a person or trust a person in your home until they do something bad. That means you know them for a long time and see what they are like consistently before advancing any further, if that is even a possibility.


And don’t treat us nice guys like the last person that hurt you in a relationship.


I’m not THAT man.


I’m me.



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