Grumpy rescue loves his adopted grand kittens.

A little bit of joy for today. Nice and peaceful and shows you not only can a senior be wonderful for young’uns but they can be great for seniors.

Wordless Wednesday Photography-Spunky’s sibling, Fluffy.

Fluffy Kitten Cat


Feline Fridays: Meet Spunky

My little white tiger.Spunky

by: Ronovan

This is Spunky. You can’t see it from this picture taken with a phone, but he has blue eyes and tan stripes up his sides. I call him my little white tiger. You may have seen him before in a picture with his twin, who actually has rounder eyes, and their fluffy dark tortoise haired sibling.

Spunky is the sociable one. Each morning I quickly finish my breakfast then sit on the back steps and he and I talk. It took a while for him to find his voice. He would open his mouth and I knew he wanted some attention. Now he speaks, but he has a great voice, just like his mother, Kitty. You’ve met Kitty before.

Spunky loves to be petted and will lay in your arms and let you love on him. That’s what I like about cats. They are honest creatures. They don’t return affection just because you give it, they do it because they want to.

Whenever I need a pick me up or a laugh, Spunky is available.

I know this isn’t a normal article but Spunky is an amazing little guy and deserved some web presence.

Much Love, Respect, Admiration, and Gratitude to all those who Follow and and inspire me,



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Wordless Wednesday: I’m Up For It.

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What do you do for a Writing Break? Me…Kittens! Kitty’s Kits.

Kittens Before the Attack
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Kittens Before The Attack

When I need a writing break…kittens. They are more entertaining than TV and right outside my window.

What do you do for a writing break when you just need to let your mind relax?