Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Luccia Gray…I cannot believe such a classy and amazingly talented lady would think I was inspiring, but she somehow ended up putting my name on her list. Wow.  Definitely go to her site and look around…and learn. Thank you very much Luccia, Ma’am.

Very Inspring Blogger Award

And here are the things to know:

1. Thank and link the amazing person(s) who nominated you.

2. List the rules and display the award.
3. Share seven facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.

5. Optional: Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.


Seven Facts About Myself:

1)      I’m a Gemini. I had to include that because Luccia’s first fact was that she also was a Gemini. If you have ever read any of my offerings you can tell that I am definitely two minds about my writing. I’m polite, courteous and encouraging to others and then destructive to myself and my own writing at the same time.

2)      I am a former History teacher who was mainly a World History specialist or so I was told. I took courses in Nazi and Facism as well as two courses on African History and a French Revolution class. Yes I know that Marie Antoinette’s brothers got Louis drunk and had him circumcised. And oddly I took a Bosnian and Serbian class?

3)      I have a method of writing that I don’t employ often myself and I really should. I have tried it. I write a scene in detail as far as feel and everything about something I know and then change aspects of it to turn it into fantasy or science fiction or paranormal. I just change the names of things, and a few details, but leave language and how people speak and act toward each other. I’m writing an article on it now.

4)      I am fascinated by other cultures. Especially very old cultures. Obviously this is the Historian in me.

5)      I love beautiful colors. One of the things I enjoy is watching the birds outside my window at the bird feeders. There all kinds and colors. When that darkness starts creeping into my writing those birds can take it away at times.

6)      I am a recent cat lover, or I should say certain cats lover. I love Kitty and Spunky especially. If you snoop around my site you will see them there. Spunky has two siblings but they will be going to other homes eventually so I am trying not to get attached. Although Fluffy, the dark one, is difficult not to want to hold.

7)      I had a fall in my home within the past year. I ended up with amnesia, long and short term. I don’t remember 99% of my past but through things I have typed over the past 20 years on my computer I have a lot of notes to read through. I am light and sound sensitive and cannot watch TV, listen to music, or read books. I just write all the time.


Here are my nominees for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

I would like to say this. I know there are plenty of other people that should receive this as well and I would put them here, cheating like Luccia did, but if you read number 7 above you know there is a problem sometimes.

MareEastern Great photographs of more than just scenery. I often write a poem inspired by the photograph of the day. She also writes about her love of Scotland and her cats.

Long And Luxe A very positive and always encouraging person. Always has something upbeat to say. She’s groovy. J

Be Led By Reason New to our WordPress community but with a lot of deep feelings to share and some great photography and history of Hawaii as well.

Sober Is The New Black Another new member of the community. This young man is doing something unique here in the WordPress family. He is chronicling his life and a battle. You need to go check it out to see what I’m talking about. Give him a LOT of support. Seriously.

Suzie81Speaks A lot of you know Suzie. She blogs like a mad hatter and has a very professional style. She’s someone you want to check out to see how things are done for the type of blog she does. You’ll enjoy it. Speaks about life and makes it relevant.

Inside The Life Of Moi If you haven’t already visited then the first thing you are going to do is smile. Her header photo is excellent and unique and it is a perfect reflection of her blog style. A slice of life blog in a relevant way. A very, very fun and enjoyable time to be had.

Freebird A very honest blog about very topics but some you get a peek into the life of India. I love the phrasing of the articles which adds authenticity to it all and the culture discovered is something you don’t get just anywhere.

Serins Sphere Very honest reader of your blogs. Writes about life and a lot more. Namibia. I would be shot if I didn’t mention that.

Forgotten Meadows One of the most prolific poets around. An encourager and also one that pulls other poets in to unite a community.

Chapter TK/ A very honest blog. A slice of life blog that expresses opinions but also wants the other side of the story. Wants feed back and wants to really know.

The Fickle Heartbeat Irasia at the site is great to read. Enjoyable and the layouts and photo choices make it an easy for me to look at. This is about relationships. So why do I follow? Writers need to know a lot of things. If you’ve read some of my things every now and then I mention following for inspiration. Sometimes you just need to hear what you know in a different way or hear something new entirely you can play off of.

The Showcase A slice of life from India. Yes, I love the blogs from India. I’ve found there are a more similarities than differences. The style is different than that of thafreebird site.

Lesie’s World The first thing I noticed about this site was the strength of the photo of the owner. I just knew that whatever came out of this person would be something I wanted to read and I was right. Learn a bit of Jamaica from the real thing, but also about everyday things. I just hope you’re ready to read the accent. It’s a blast.

Nubian Waters Enthusiasm. That’s what I get from this site. We all want to blog but this one just puts it out there in real language and heart. Whenever you get that moment of why am I here you can go to this site and remember.

A Blog To Regret Poetry in motion. Variety in style. I look at the picture of the owner and the style of the content matches perfectly. I enjoy it here because it lets me know that my changes in style are okay. I’m nowhere near this level but I know it’s alright to experiment at times.


It would be nice to follow through with the rules above. It allows for connections and recognition for some blogs we might not ordinarily see. That’s up to you individually.

Much Respect



22 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. congratulations on a well deserved nomination! You’ve certainly inspired. The blogging world is new to me, but I’ve already learned so much from you. Also, thank you very much for the nomination. I don’t feel it is deserved…not yet. But I humbly thank you.


  2. Congrats Ron…you deserved it after all you are an inspiration for majority of people…
    Thank you for nominating me…I am so honored I cant tell you…can I take my own time to find out the 15 bloggers…


  3. Flattery will get you everywhere! You are now my favourite blogger! Thank you so much for such a wonderful (albeit exaggerated) introduction!
    Nice to get to know another Gemini. I do that too, by the way: kind to everyone else and soooo hard on myself…, So any encouragement given makes up for my own self-demanding nature, thank you for that!


  4. Hi, I saw this one.
    Congratulations well deserved. I don’t think I’m allowed to re-nominate you?
    Still doing my homework on this one and will share the acceptance and new nominations soon.


  5. Congratulations on the award and thank you very much Ronovan for the nomination..means a lot to the newbie blogger that I am and I know I have a long way to go..but thank you for the encouragement! Im in the process of nominating my set of 15 fav bloggers to share the award….More than the award love the new friends Ive been able to make through wordpress…Also interesting facts about self..Thank you for sharing… 🙂


  6. Well deserved, Ronovan! Thank you so much for sharing about yourself, a delightful and interesting post. And thank you so humbly for the nomination and your kindness in speaking about my blog, I am so touched and grateful!!!

    Wishing you peace, dear one, 🙂



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