Free The Nipple? Hmm…

Free The Nipple? Hmm…

by: Ronovan


There is a movement to free the nipple everywhere in the US? Dude, aight!

 Bug Eyed Man in Color

You would think that men would be jumping through hoops for this one. It’s already okay in New York, I mean anyone can walk around topless…legally. So what’s the big deal? Why is there so much flack about it? I mean really, everyone’s got them. Well maybe some people don’t. There is probably some DNA thing that happens or something. Okay not getting sidetracked into a book idea here.


I have to admit when I first heard of this idea I really had no idea what I thought about it. Miley Cyrus was the first one I think may have made a big deal about it that crossed the radar for me. But in all honesty I think she just does things to be in the public eye.


She’s very talented but is just trying to break that Hannah Montana thing a bit too hard. I saw some award show of her and Robin Thicke and the girl needs a few cheeseburgers and an idea of little kids are watching her perform. I know maybe that’s the parent’s fault but when it’s a televised award show then kids are going to be watching.


Now back to the program. Free the Nipple.


Here go my opinions on what people’s opinions are:

1)      Some women don’t want it because it would make them feel uncomfortable

2)      Some men don’t want it because they would feel like pervs

3)      Some women want it because they really do want equality

4)      Some men want it for the same reason

5)      Some men want it because…well they’re men

6)      Some men and women don’t want it because it’s just not what is the normal they’ve grown up with


Scout Willis recently walked around New York City topless, legally, to show how Instagram is basically full of it and full of censorship over something legal that’s actually legal to do. Okay so there is the issue of crossing various state and national lines, I get that when you are dealing with the internet. Scout’s reasons were legit, I have to give her credit for that and for just going for it.


Now here is my take on the whole thing:


We were meant to be naked when we were created and then we went and screwed that up. When I get to Heaven I’m going to have a sit down with Adam about that whole Eve and the fruit thing…seriously.


The reason women can’t walk around topless is because men ARE pervs. Okay so it’s also been a tradition for thousands of years to be clothed. I get that, but men ARE pervs about these things. No, no I know not all men are but a vast majority are…deep down in there…hearts.


A woman of reasonable attractiveness walks by topless and a man is going to wreck a car or slip on his drool. He’s basically going to be an idiot. Would I be like that? I want to say no. But no one knows what they would do about something until faced with it…for the most part.


Would I look? Of course there would be that first notice of…”Whoa that is so not really real, right?” going on. Then I would probably stare at the ground or stop and look in another direction. Why? Because I don’t want to be one of those guys.

Barney Fife

Of course some men would be like “Well if she didn’t want us to look then she should cover ‘em up.” Umm…that’s like saying women shouldn’t notice you have a toupee askew just because you chose to be vain. Yes, more crude things came to mind, but I’m just not THAT man to say those things.


Now here is something I am wondering about; would topless women desensitize men to the sexual aspect of that part of the woman? After a certain amount of time society would grow accustomed to topless women and it wouldn’t be a thing. In a way it might be good in that it makes boys grow up not thinking of women’s breasts as sexual objects.


Maybe this is sort of like the bathing suits of old. They went from those full one piece head to toe things for both men and women basically down to more revealing and now dental floss and breath mints. People will thus argue what is the next thing, full nudity?


I pray not. I really don’t want to go into a restaurant and see all of everybody hanging out. And there would be the whole Niles Crane from Frasier thing going on with the wiping down everything we ever touched. Talk about some possible sanitary issues. Big EWWW.

Niles Crane

Sorry ladies, but I like a bit of mystery. I’m not for the FTN thing. Am I being sexist? I’m not sure, but I think there are some things that are meant for certain people only. I don’t think men should be allowed to go around shirtless either, but then that may be because I would never be able to do it.


I don’t think men should be allowed to use the ladies room anywhere. Am I being sexist or against alternative life styles or choices? Nope.


I don’t think Gorillas should be allowed to swim in the shark tanks at a zoo just because they want to. Am I being anti Gorilla? Nope.


I don’t think women should be allowed to go into a men’s locker rooms. Sexist? Nope.


Maybe I’m a bit old fashioned or just a bit more of a prude when it comes to some things. I understand when statements are being made. If a law is a law then okay. But until then…I’ll keep my shirt on if you’ll keep yours on. Trust me…you don’t want to see all this happenin’.


And I know that women who breast feed have to do it. So it’s not that issue I am speaking of.


In closing I want to mention a comedian named Ron White. He has a joke where he talks about seeing a woman naked. He basically says that once you’ve seen one naked you pretty much want to see all of them naked. I have to say…NOPE!


Much Respect and Much Paleness



© Copyright-All rights 14, 2014.

32 thoughts on “Free The Nipple? Hmm…

  1. Attention seeking perhaps the likes of Miley and Willis girl…. I don’t see myself embracing (pun unintended) the whole freedom to roam topless….what is to happen to the entire fashion industry then I wonder? Emperor’s new clothes…..quite literally….

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  2. Hmm so I’m not so sure how I feel about this. Do we really need to free the nipple? I’m good with my nipples hidden in my bra. I don’t know why they turn everything into “equality for women” thing.
    I agree about miley. She’s trying to break out of her image. The Hannah Montana image. But I think Rihanna is also on the same things as miley because she posted nude pictures of herself on Instagram. She was warned and asked to remove them obv.
    So if someone wants to pose or be topless, I think it’s up to them but I still hate how everything is about equality and feminism and blah blah, you know? And really? This is what we are fighting over? Being topless? How about fighting for something that DOES make a difference?

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  3. Thank God Indian women arent thinking abt going topless…I know its quite common in foreign land, thanks to my friends who are settled out of India who keeps updating me about their culture and life styles…
    In India we believe that women should remain covered most of the time so that her body will always remain mystry for her partner…it will maintain a healthy sex life…and I guess that is very true…if you will roam around naked all the time you will loose interest and start watching and reading porn…
    Great Post Ron…thank you for sharing it with the world 🙂

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  4. Private parts are private for a reason, they should be kept between partners not strings of other people. The influx of the ability to post videos and pictures of ourselves is bringing society to a point where everything is becoming on show, I have deleted around 80% of my facebook friends who feel the need to shower me in pictures from an angle that shows off.

    As a guy with a girlfriend I really do think to be topless myself is to show myself off to other women, and I would feel the same were my girlfriend to do this. My main concern is that if men and women were to have to ability to be topless it would add a conflict to a relationship, leading men as you say to stray their eyes away from what they’ve got and vice versa I would believe, that can only be a bad thing for relationships.

    Great post 🙂 All very true from a male perspective!

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    • Good damn point! So many people would be for this in principle but when their wife tells em she’s gonna go have a topless girls night at the bar they change their tune. Or if someone was to ask a person to let their child see any body parts a person might be willing to show off they would tend to have a change of heart. People who honestly post pictures just to prove a point or to show off or whatever just tend to forget there’s a whole world of people who just has more modest views. Sure wearing clothes is kind a cooky human invention but who’s to say it does no good? Thats like saying its inherently better to not have a phone like ever because you weren’t naturally born with one in your hand. Clothes signify deep intelligence and cultural significance. It has made nudity something exciting and mysterious. Any you guys ever been just so into a chick (thats fully clothed) you get to talk and meet her and feel all that chemistry build up and when it finally happens and she pulls those clothes off her beautiful body and It doesn’t just feel like the naked chick you met before that now is ready for mating, it feels like you’ve summoned the garments off of her and have gained access to the body of a once untouchable angle. Any one who has been there has clothes to thank for that magical (if technically insignificant) feeling that there’s something a little more magical to the human mating ritual.


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    • Mine involves no programming. I simply experimented with themes until I found one I liked. I like themes with the ability to change background colors as well but that is not always a must.
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  6. This is the first I’ve heard of Free the Nipple! Apparently there was a film made (, and it’s interesting to read what the director has to say about it. I tend toward the “why would you want to go around topless, anyway?” camp, but I think part of the movement has to do with double standards. Why is it okay for men, but not women? Why are breasts sometimes censored more than violence? Why were photos of breastfeeding mothers removed from Facebook when all sorts of explicit content is left alone? Why are breasts so scary??
    I think you’re on the right track there with your “because men are pervs” line of reasoning, but like you said, the “if you don’t want me to look, then don’t show ’em” argument falls flat too.
    I’m also curious about the effects of potential desensitization. That was discussed a bit in the comments on my blog post here: I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on the ideas I brought up in the post.

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    • I’d say women showing their modesty and attracting attention may be very dangerous to both themselves by potential predators or pervs, but also to a future relationship. I wouldn’t say a man would be happy if his new girlfriend told him she walks around without a top on, what should be done, is a man wear something. Instead of a women revealing her privates and man should simply cover his chest, I wouldn’t complain, and what difference does it make for a man to wear a top?


      • I have a few thoughts on that, some of which will contradict each other because I feel conflicted about this myself.
        1) Yeah, women going topless could be dangerous. But does that mean that they should cover up, or does it mean that men should be held more accountable? I know this isn’t what you intended at all, but your argument reminded me of blaming a scantily clad rape victim — “if she hadn’t been dressed like a slut, she wouldn’t have been raped.”
        2) On the other hand, though, I get it. In an ideal world, women could wear whatever they wanted and it wouldn’t be a problem. But we live in a screwed up world, so even though in theory dressing a certain way is never asking for sexual harassment, why tempt fate? Or men.
        3) It’s a nice idea, in the pursuit of equality, to have men dress more modestly rather than women less so. But that’s not gonna happen. Men go topless at the beach, swimming, working out, even walking around on hot days. And no one cares much. Men are not going to change that just to make women feel less discriminated against. I wouldn’t want to either, if I was a man.
        4) That idea, equality, makes me think of another point. Men’s nipples aren’t considered particularly sexual. Women’s are. Maybe we just have to bow to the reality of biological differences in a cultural context and admit that because of the physical difference, showing one’s chest in public is considered acceptable for men, but not women.
        5) Breastfeeding mothers should be able to do whatever the heck they want. That’s what breasts are for.
        Sorry, Ronovan, for taking up so much space! I’ll be curious to see what anyone has to say about the points I brought up here.

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        • About the rape thing, Though that would effect it slightly what most woman would find in practice is that even when they were decently clothed men still gawk at them we still drool. This would get much worse in a world that had generations of breast sexualization engrained in us. That means if any of you ladies got freaked out by dudes looking at you clothed, oh man you really don’t want to know what it would be like!

          And most importantly, as much as we would like to dress ourselves up as the resident supreme beings on the planet we are still just animals. Animals have no conception of equality in nature. Men and woman aren’t always supposed to be equal and happy and perfect in real life. We’re just supposed to find a sexually active mate, procreate and raise are children. Our personal feelings, quite frankly are in our imaginations. Its nice to think we can get everything we want but somethings just don’t have to make sense and even if we can help the issues there will always be shit thats out of our hands.


  7. Leaving the social impact of such an Idea, would this not lead to much higher Breast cancer rates? I mean the rising temperature of the sun and open chest, I just cant see that being a good thing :/


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