Onward Ever Onward – A Poem

Inspired by I Have A Dream by Martin Luther King Jr.

Onward Onward

Injustice justifying ire.
Tyrannical tendency reigns,
pumping vitriol through piggish veins,
inciting peaceful frauds to spark fire,
frauds dragging the cause in the mire.
Schemes bringing change through reaction,
the skilled opponent’s distraction.
The Peaceful Prophets will prevail,
their path of discourse will not fail,
pressing on to satisfaction.

My entry for this week’s Décima Poetry Challenge No. 8 FIRE. (A New Challenge here on ronovanwrites.com)

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Still Not Satisfied

Inspired by I Have A Dream by Martin Luther King Jr.

Still Not Satisfied

A man once said he had a dream.
For this nation falters in stride,
every man resistant by pride.
A man held in so high esteem,
his end caused the earth to scream.
His beliefs inspire those denied,
judged by the color of their hide.
The waters still have not rolled free,
while the stream is far from mighty.
And still, he is not satisfied.

My entry for this week’s Décima Poetry Challenge No. 7 DREAM. (A New Challenge here on ronovanwrites.com)

HERE is some of my recent poetry related to Black Lives Matter to scroll through.

Still Not Satisfied Poetry Image

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The Darker the Skin

Onward ever Onward

© 2020 Ronovan Hester Copyright reserved. The author asserts his moral and legal rights over this work.

Families Aren’t Born, They’re Made

Adoptive Parents. Foster Parents. Step Parents. Call those non birth nurturers of the young what you will, people have opinions about them, just like every person has a . . . well you know. I’m going to share mine . . . my opinion that is.


First I want to make some things perfectly clear. I KNOW that not all Foster Care parents are great. I KNOW that not all Foster Care situations work out properly. I KNOW there are statistics showing things one way or the other about the impact Foster Care has on a child’s life. THIS is not about THOSE Foster Care parents or situations. If that is the article you are looking for then you may want to move on.


THIS article is about the positive situations I have seen, and the POSITIVE OUTCOMES of GOOD Foster Care and Adoptive Parents.


You may ask, “Ronovan, what do you KNOW about THIS subject?” Have you ever heard the phrase “treat someone like a red-headed step-child?” Well that’s ME. I’m one, been one for about 40 years now. Yep, he’s my Dad, my mi papa. If I go any farther with that I’ll just end up in trouble because I think I might be mixing languages, call it Latinglish.


But does that make me an expert on the Foster and Adoptive Parent part, of course not. “Then, Ronovan, how can you speak about something you don’t know about?”


Why, I am so happy you asked me. It’s time to get serious, because I’m mad. Let  us discuss a thought of mine . . .


Families Aren’t Born, They’re Made



Let’s just get right down to it. For a time I was the head of a young group that took care of Foster Children while all the Foster Parents met for a required monthly meeting. It was a joy to do so and while doing so I learned a lot about the children. No two were alike. No two came from the same emotional mindset, not even siblings. With my teaching background, certification, being a parent of a young child and background checks I was of course a natural choice as leader, and I had teenagers to become human playground equipment. What more could an association ask for?


We were even invited to their Easter Egg Hunts and Picnic Get-a-ways. It was a great learning and growing experience for my young people as much as it was for me and those young children. We all learned about a different kind of love.


You would look at a sweet little face and the next thing you know they were freaking out because of some random thing, not very often, but sometimes. Or you look at a sweet face and they just want to be held, but you can’t because of the laws.


For me that was a heart breaker. I’m the cuddly guy, the ‘love the little kiddies’ guy, especially the little girls who you just want to be the Daddy of. They come at me with those pretty little eyes and sad faces and I just want to die. I want to hug them so bad and make them smile, even the ones that would come at me and headbutt me in the stomach because they liked me.


I’ve had experiences with two Foster Families. They have both adopted the children they were Foster Parents for. I know, that’s not a lot, but it’s something to comment on. Both are good ones too. I know there are some bad ones out there but there are also some good ones. Perhaps there needs to be a better and more in depth Foster Parent selection and screening progress. No . . . there DOES need to be one.


The children are growing up, well adjusted, as well as they can be as some recover from difficulties they had in the past. Some may have to go to therapy because of their previous family situation but they will be okay with the continued love and support they are receiving. This isn’t saying that all Foster/Adoption children have some type of issue, they don’t but some do.


The fact is parents that adopt a foster child know what they are getting into. I couldn’t do it. One family I am close to just blows my mind how they have taken children in as Foster Parents and they loved them so much they adopted them, and they have turned their worlds . . . and yes, for some it includes therapy.


These people don’t have to do it. But this family KNEW the issues before hand and still wanted these wonderful kids. Not just one, but all of the siblings so they could be together instead of separate Foster Homes. Personally, I would go crazy. One child is enough for me.


Did you know that some Foster and Adoptive Parents get attacked and harassed and even basically bad mouthed all over the place because they loved so much they did what their hearts told them to do? Do you know how many good people see this and then decide not to become Foster Parents because of it, and thus the system ends up with the REAL kind of people that some should be talking about?


Not every parent of a child that ends up in Foster Care wants their child to be there. I hope none of them do. But some end up in situations that require it. Some people might ask, “Well what if they find they are out of that situation someday?” Then if the child is in Foster Care there might be a chance of their return.


But if adopted, then no, there will be no return. I know not every situation is perfect and some Foster situations in some areas go wrong, but the ones I know of went right. I can’t think of those children having stayed in their previous family environment for one more and then another more chance while they slowly edged closer to being so emotionally scarred that they were permanently damaged.


People don’t think about that. At least I don’t guess they do. All they see is a broken up home. If I had just been with my biological father I would have begged to be in a Foster Home if I had known what it was back then. But I was lucky, I had a mother then a step-father. And yes, I made sure people knew what my father had done to me. I was 6 years old. Does that tell you how aware a young child can be of what is WRONG?


But some children won’t say anything. Just because the child doesn’t tell certain adults things doesn’t mean their lives are perfect . . . or maybe it’s that the certain adults just aren’t listening. There’s a thought, hmm?


Now for the people who are, pardon my saying it this way, real jerks about giving people a hard time for adopting kids who need to be adopted just because they disagree and THINK they know something and then start getting up in the adoptive parents’ business and start bad mouthing them to everyone they can think of . . . you need to buy a vowel, phone a friend, use a life line, basically get a clue and shut up about what you don’t know about. And I don’t care WHO you are.


I’ll repeat; not every Foster Parent or Adoptive Parent works out or is a good idea, but for the ones I personally know, they are incredible. Why do I say this? Because of this family the children are receiving a very good education and all of the various extra help they need either in their education or emotional areas. Their creative outlets are encouraged and their social activities are quality ones with good people. In fact the children have grown in so many ways that it is astounding.


There will be people that may comment on this in a negative or possibly hostile manner. I say this to you now; I’ll not engage in a debate or tolerate any badmouthing. Be civil and you may speak your piece. I read all comments on my articles. I don’t moderate them before they are allowed onto the site. But I will tell you this; start something and I delete your comment and ban you from commenting again. And you are not allowed to use any of the comments in this article in any manner at all. All rights are reserved by me. Don’t reblog it if you are going to use it in a manner of hate. Don’t ping back or link back to me for the same reason.


Remember, I said at the beginning this was a positive article about my own personal experiences with a family.


Personally I think those who love children enough to take them in, knowing they come from possibly bad situations, and still want them and even want them to the point of adopting them, is an amazing and admirable thing. I know when you are in the middle of it the situation is difficult to see from a different point of view, but there is another view. I don’t expect those involved to ever see both sides of it. Emotions run deep and it’s just a hard situation.


To all those good people who become Foster Parents and Adoptive Parents for the right reasons, I commend you. For those who do it to get money for taking care of the kids and don’t do jack for the kids, basically . . . you suck.


Much Respect to the Read Deals



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Free The Nipple? Hmm…

Free The Nipple? Hmm…

by: Ronovan


There is a movement to free the nipple everywhere in the US? Dude, aight!

 Bug Eyed Man in Color

You would think that men would be jumping through hoops for this one. It’s already okay in New York, I mean anyone can walk around topless…legally. So what’s the big deal? Why is there so much flack about it? I mean really, everyone’s got them. Well maybe some people don’t. There is probably some DNA thing that happens or something. Okay not getting sidetracked into a book idea here.


I have to admit when I first heard of this idea I really had no idea what I thought about it. Miley Cyrus was the first one I think may have made a big deal about it that crossed the radar for me. But in all honesty I think she just does things to be in the public eye.


She’s very talented but is just trying to break that Hannah Montana thing a bit too hard. I saw some award show of her and Robin Thicke and the girl needs a few cheeseburgers and an idea of little kids are watching her perform. I know maybe that’s the parent’s fault but when it’s a televised award show then kids are going to be watching.


Now back to the program. Free the Nipple.


Here go my opinions on what people’s opinions are:

1)      Some women don’t want it because it would make them feel uncomfortable

2)      Some men don’t want it because they would feel like pervs

3)      Some women want it because they really do want equality

4)      Some men want it for the same reason

5)      Some men want it because…well they’re men

6)      Some men and women don’t want it because it’s just not what is the normal they’ve grown up with


Scout Willis recently walked around New York City topless, legally, to show how Instagram is basically full of it and full of censorship over something legal that’s actually legal to do. Okay so there is the issue of crossing various state and national lines, I get that when you are dealing with the internet. Scout’s reasons were legit, I have to give her credit for that and for just going for it.


Now here is my take on the whole thing:


We were meant to be naked when we were created and then we went and screwed that up. When I get to Heaven I’m going to have a sit down with Adam about that whole Eve and the fruit thing…seriously.


The reason women can’t walk around topless is because men ARE pervs. Okay so it’s also been a tradition for thousands of years to be clothed. I get that, but men ARE pervs about these things. No, no I know not all men are but a vast majority are…deep down in there…hearts.


A woman of reasonable attractiveness walks by topless and a man is going to wreck a car or slip on his drool. He’s basically going to be an idiot. Would I be like that? I want to say no. But no one knows what they would do about something until faced with it…for the most part.


Would I look? Of course there would be that first notice of…”Whoa that is so not really real, right?” going on. Then I would probably stare at the ground or stop and look in another direction. Why? Because I don’t want to be one of those guys.

Barney Fife

Of course some men would be like “Well if she didn’t want us to look then she should cover ‘em up.” Umm…that’s like saying women shouldn’t notice you have a toupee askew just because you chose to be vain. Yes, more crude things came to mind, but I’m just not THAT man to say those things.


Now here is something I am wondering about; would topless women desensitize men to the sexual aspect of that part of the woman? After a certain amount of time society would grow accustomed to topless women and it wouldn’t be a thing. In a way it might be good in that it makes boys grow up not thinking of women’s breasts as sexual objects.


Maybe this is sort of like the bathing suits of old. They went from those full one piece head to toe things for both men and women basically down to more revealing and now dental floss and breath mints. People will thus argue what is the next thing, full nudity?


I pray not. I really don’t want to go into a restaurant and see all of everybody hanging out. And there would be the whole Niles Crane from Frasier thing going on with the wiping down everything we ever touched. Talk about some possible sanitary issues. Big EWWW.

Niles Crane

Sorry ladies, but I like a bit of mystery. I’m not for the FTN thing. Am I being sexist? I’m not sure, but I think there are some things that are meant for certain people only. I don’t think men should be allowed to go around shirtless either, but then that may be because I would never be able to do it.


I don’t think men should be allowed to use the ladies room anywhere. Am I being sexist or against alternative life styles or choices? Nope.


I don’t think Gorillas should be allowed to swim in the shark tanks at a zoo just because they want to. Am I being anti Gorilla? Nope.


I don’t think women should be allowed to go into a men’s locker rooms. Sexist? Nope.


Maybe I’m a bit old fashioned or just a bit more of a prude when it comes to some things. I understand when statements are being made. If a law is a law then okay. But until then…I’ll keep my shirt on if you’ll keep yours on. Trust me…you don’t want to see all this happenin’.


And I know that women who breast feed have to do it. So it’s not that issue I am speaking of.


In closing I want to mention a comedian named Ron White. He has a joke where he talks about seeing a woman naked. He basically says that once you’ve seen one naked you pretty much want to see all of them naked. I have to say…NOPE!


Much Respect and Much Paleness



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