Guesses and Solution: Ronovan Writes Wordless Haiku Decipher Challenge #6

Guesses and Solutions: RonovanWrites Wordless Haiku Decipher Challenge #6

Wordless Haiku Decipher ChallengeI first want to thank DazzlingWhimsy for creating this badge for the challenge.

If you need Tips on how to play visit the Haiku Challenges Guidelines page.

I so hope this is everyone . 2 Hours of sleep last night so all these Blurred Lines. Hmm. Well never mind that.

night time encounters
hearts trapped ignite open flames
drinks unfreeze people

Kate of: Dazzling Whimsy

Under moon kisses
Heart caged. Fire releases
Poor icy bodies

The Laughable Cheese of: Welcome to Writer’ Town

Curving shadows greet
Hearts flare into Car-a-mel
Flowing, crystal, bare

Love Happy Notes

Moon Shadow Lovers
Locked hearts ignite into flames
Filling icy parts

Hugh of: Hugh’s: Views and News

Lovers in moonlight
Hearts ablaze inside engines
Fill icy anatomy

Nishi of: The Showcase


 Romantic Silhouette Tizard Images

Moon over lovers


captured_hearts.jpgBURNING NOTES  open_door_enter_in.jpgclassic_car_with_flames _with_point_arrow.jpg





 Captured hearts burning in flamed





 Fill frozen bodies.

Hugh’s Views & News


Great guesses this week and some very close. I believe Hugh was probably closest over all.


Much Appreciation to those who participated.






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