Non Accidental Events Lead to Intentional Good-True Story

Non Accidental Events Lead to Intentional Good

by: Ronovan

Sometimes you just don’t know how you ended up where you are. I’ve been in many ‘places’ over my many years and somehow they end up being connected in one way or the other. Oh, I don’t mean by actually connected in the sense that one thing knew the other but in that there was a reason one happened and ended and the next began.

Light at the end of the tunnelI had an interesting life growing up. I was born of two people who were picking oranges in the groves of Florida during a time of free love, or maybe at the end of that era really. My father from Tupelo, MS. who was a drummer, guitar playing singer who drove a truck and recorded at Sun Records in Memphis, TN. Yes that Sun Records, and yes, that’s where Elvis recorded. And no, he wasn’t Elvis.

He was also part of the Southern Mafia which led me into a few interesting situations. Ever been 3 years old and been chased down dirt roads in Florida by a man with a gun? No? I didn’t think you had. How about being back home in Tupelo, MS and having to be slung around in a truck doing a 180 because of some ‘men’ that had blocked the road to stop your father? No? Well then you didn’t get shot at and the windows shatter either.

There were other things that happened as well, all in the span of the years up to my 2nd grade in school. That’s when I ‘arranged’ for a girl on the playground to see the black belt mark across my back and run to the teacher. I had made a promise not to tell, and I was a good boy and kept my promises. I didn’t ‘tell’ anyone. After the police and social workers finished with me that day I never saw my bio father again. He and my mother were divorced anyway, so no great loss.

But through that and a series of not accidental events, because I know that all things are used for the good of life, I ended up in a situation where I worked with young people and helped many with home lives that were rough. Even the arrangement of time to work with them was an obvious non accidental event.

Even today, being here in the blog world and meeting new people, encouraging and being encouraged has been another non accidental event out of a life changing event. Good comes out of everything, no matter how bad it is, it only remains a negative influence on me/you if you let it be such.


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24 thoughts on “Non Accidental Events Lead to Intentional Good-True Story

  1. Nice! Sounds like you have had quite the life. What inspired you to write about your life’s story? When I was told to write for twenty minutes, my first thought was to write about writing. Hooray for originality! Oh, and don’t read it. My Writing 101 thing, I mean. It’s on my blog. But don’t read it. Spoiler alert.

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  2. This is an awesome post. So awesome in fact, that I read it twice. At first I was a little impressed that your father “…was a singing, drummer, guitar playing singer who drove a truck and recorded at Sun Records..”, but then I got a little confused by the being “…3 years old and being chased down dirt roads in Florida by a man with a gun”. I figured this must be some sort of a fiction story, but by the end of the post I was re-thinking about it and thought maybe this actually is a real-life story. Now I’m just all sorts of confused… 😀 But in a good way! 🙂

    Thanks for following! I guess I’ll follow you back in hopes of ever finding out if this story is actually real. 🙂

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  3. Thanks for an Inspiring post. It’s great how life gives us the chance to ‘play it forward’ and help others. The older I get, the more I’m convinced nothing is casual. Everything happens for a reason, and as you say, we need to make it a good reason… it’s up to us.

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  4. This is an awesome post. Ties in very nicely with something I was thinking on my commute home today! I find people’s history very interesting, often more interesting than the individual gives it credit. I suppose ones life is typically more interesting to others than the one who lived it.

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  5. I also believe that good comes out of everything, and there are no accidents. I look forward to reading more of your work.

    BTW, I did migrant farm work for a summer after I graduated college. We started by picking oranges in Florida! And then went on to George, South Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania and then back to home in Washington State.

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    • I wrote several things today. Some I rescheduled from over the weekend, because weekends are a bit slow viewer wise sometimes. I get extra mileage that way. 🙂 Thank you. Just have to wait to see what the prompt is. 🙂 I’ve been blogging 6 weeks now so this is still a little new to me.

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  6. Thanks for popping by my blog. Nice to follow you back here. I like the idea of helping others with rough home lives. As you say, you can be given a tough start but what you make of it is up to you.

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  7. That very last line is so true, Ronovan. I’ve learnt to live with that line in mind for about thirty years now, and it works so well for me. I’ve passed it on to quite a few people including my partner, who was probably one of the most depressive people I’d ever met when I first met him. But I stuck by him and never looked back. And over the last twenty one years, he has joined me in making the most out of life whether it be good or bad.

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  8. What a wonderful imagination children have. So glad you ‘arranged’ that reveal in the schoolyard. You became your own person that day and, yes, your life has been interesting ever since. Experience makes us choose our way and you chose well. ❤

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  9. I read once that it’s not what happens in your life, it’s your attitude about what happens that decides if your happy. This theory obviously isn’t news to you, you’ve lived it. 🙂 I admire your strength.

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