Your Ordinary is My Extraordinary. #BeWoW

Ordinary and extraordinary, two words with different meanings and words that kind of confuse me at times. I see a lot of saying this is an ordinary this or an extraordinary that. Perhaps even I say those things at times, but for real, what is the deal?

Do you want to be extra ordinary, which basically means remarkable, exceptional, or special? What? So being ordinary is sort of being remarkable?

Now we come to what I want to talk about. What really is meant by ordinary? I see people say this about a poem or a book or a picture they drew and to me whatever it is seems awesome.

None of us should ever sell ourselves short on whatever we do. At that moment in time that is what you are doing and can do. “But I could have done better.” Maybe so but at that moment you did what you did and can’t change it so why dwell on it? Like I’ve said many times in my writings, dwelling is a house made of wood or brick, not a place to live in made of your past mistakes or missed opportunities.

Ordinary to you may be extraordinary to me. By changing how you look at what you do perhaps you will change how you do. Just consider every moment as your best moment. No matter what it is, it is the best at that moment you can have. And then that moment is replaced by the next best moment.

I don’t dwell in the past, I can’t. I know some of you may be thinking since Ronovan has amnesia it’s kind of a given that I can’t dwell there. But I don’t dwell on what I miss. I can’t. If I do then I miss out on what is happening now, what can happen and what may make me better as a person and maybe one day make everything come back to me. If I dwell on the negatives and the stress of life I will never accomplish anything.

I am working on cartooning right now. With my hands, body, and mind it is probably one of the worst things I could be doing, but it is something I WANT. I could tell myself it is impossible so give up and lie in bed all day and stop doing anything. But I don’t. I push and push until I get to where I want to be or at least continue on that path.

Today realize your ordinary is extraordinary. The foundation of exceptional is based in your everyday life. Keep moving forward and fill your life with special.

Much Respect







© Copyright-All rights reserved by ronovan 2015

16 thoughts on “Your Ordinary is My Extraordinary. #BeWoW

  1. Wow-I didn’t even finish reading your post and I was inspired with post for this topic. Thank you for always inspiring me.

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  2. DEAR RON, From the first day I met you over the Internet, and then read your probing and candid questions posed to me about my books on my friend David Janssen . . . I said to myself, RON is an ORDINARY GUY with EXTRAORDINARY TALENTS and a wonderful mind! ‘THANK YOU!

    Much respect for you, Mike

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