On Writing.

“To write great you must read greater.” Ronovan Hester

Ronovan Hester To Write Great you must Read Greater image.

To write greater, read these:

Dancing to an Irish Reel by Claire Fullerton

Dancing to an Irish Reel by Claire Fullerton

The Judas Apocalypse by Dan McNeil

Dan McNeil Author

Sex & Samosas by Jasmine Aziz

Sex and Samosas by Jasmine Aziz image

2 thoughts on “On Writing.

  1. Ronovan: You know how I love Pat Conroy, and I’ve been meaning to share a quote of his with you to continue the dialogue you and I have had this past year. It is as follows: “When I find myself engaged in the reading of some magical, surprising book, I ask myself these questions: Can I match this depth? Can I incorporate this splendid work, ingest it whole into my bloodstream, where it can become part of my thinking and dreaming life? What can this writer do that I can’t? Can I steal the genius of this writer and learn all of the unappropriated lessons, then turn them into something astonishing that flows out of me because I was moved by the originality and courage and eloquence of another writer?” I think, Ronovan, that this, off of a writer who I hold in the highest esteem, is nothing less than word to the wise.


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