Gypsy Quest: a Décima Poem.

My entry for this weeks Décima Poetry Challenge No. 5 MATE. (A New Challenge here on

Gypsy Quest

She disappeared without a trace.
He does not know her by her name.
Still, his love burns hot as a flame.
The one clue is her scented lace,
delicate as a cloud’s embrace.
He determines he is to locate
the one he calls his gypsy mate.
His heart beat strongest facing west,
that direction begins his quest.
for his thirst no other will sate.

For the next scene of the story click for “A Foolish Vow: a Décima Poem.

basic decima poem image no poem

© 2020 Ronovan Hester Copyright reserved. The author asserts his moral and legal rights over this work.


5 thoughts on “Gypsy Quest: a Décima Poem.

    • The Décima has been used in Latin American culture for a long time to create songs. It’s taken me quite a few times to get a Décima to turn out sounding like a rhyme. It can be difficult when you want to relay a certain message and feel. Good luck.

      And thank you!


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