#BookReview of Don’t Worry, Life Is Easy by Agnès Martin-Lugand

A review of a book I read recently. And yes I still have my man card somewhere.

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Don't Worry Life is Easy cover imagefive gold stars imageDon’t Worry, Life is Easy

by: Agnès Martin-Lugand

Available at Amazon by clicking HERE.

Five out of Five Stars

Love, happiness, sadness, and more fill Don’t Worry, Life Is Easy. This book is a sequel and at first you get the impression you might needed to have read the first book to understand some of the relationships but you really don’t. You quickly figure things out.

Diane, the widow who lost both her husband and child, has returned to Paris and has bought her literary café, Happy People Read And Drink Coffee, from her parents. Her energetic and comic relief friend and employee Felix is still present and bolsters up Diane during her moments of sadness and despondency.

Diane doesn’t really know what to do with her emotional life. She thinks the bookstore is enough for her but something is missing. A new relationship presents itself while old…

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Medications and A Weekly Reader.

Have you noticed I don’t post much? If you’ve been around long enough you will know that at one time I would post as much as three times a day seven days a week. I was a fend. Then medications happened. With Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue they give you all sorts of pills to try and help with pain and the side effects pain can cause, like depression. Let me tell you, all that does is curb your enthusiasm for pretty much anything creative. They are still working on the right combination for me.

I wanted to thank all of you who still visit me even though I am MIA so much. I also wanted to say that in the near feature I will begin a book for my blog. Each week will be a new chapter or scene. I’m not real sure how it will be done, but I do have the book idea in  mind. I am hoping this will force me into a creative mood again. I have the ideas, just no energy to do them. But if I start it I will feel obligated to keep doing it, much like my Haiku Challenge which is approaching three years of uninterrupted weekly challenges.

I hope you will enjoy what I have to offer and maybe this will do me some good. Looking forward to some creative juices flowing.

Much Respect


Hotter than fire.

Across the waters

Desire flames hotter than fire

When I kiss your lips.


A little somethin’ for my challenge this week.

Junked up.

Cast upon the shore

Like a rusty old coke can

My car looks like junk.


A funny one this week, sort of.

Fearfully Quiet!

I crept quietly

Past the spooky haunted house,

I raced in terror.

My Halloween offering in concordance with the Haiku Challenge.