Wisdom in 100 Words for Today: Say You love them.

I thought I would start something a little new here.

100 Word Wisdom: Say You Love Them.

It’s the idea of sharing a piece of advice in 100 words. If it takes longer than that it’s too much for most people to listen to anyway. And yes, the following is exactly 100 words.


Tell the one you love you love them. Never have the attitude of “they know I do”. Often times, relationships die out because of a lack of communication, yeah, I know, an old cliché. You know why cliché’s are clichés, because they happen often enough for people to say them that much.

Communication doesn’t even need to be words. A touch, a smile, a look, an action of some kind will tell a person you love them. But actions and words need to work together to form a truth. One without the other is like a yin without a yang.

(As suggested in the comments below this will now be a weekly blog event everyone can join in and share. Much like my #BeWoW, just share your link in the comments of my post on Tuesdays and if you tweet use #100WordWisdom so like minded people can see and RT your Wisdom. Thanks to Lori Carlson of The Rattling Bones blog for the nudge. Follow her on Twitter )

Much Respect


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