Smile Today!

Have a great day and pass a smile on.

What is a Smile




One of the most amazing things is the smile

One can appear from across many a mile

But there are those of you out there right now

That just don’t seem to know how


I believe this is because you don’t know the why

So now let me explain to you before we say goodbye



sS is for the sweetness of tender kisses

Those kinds that aren’t captured by plan

They happen simply because they do

They are the weakness of every man



mM is for the moments of quiet

That passes through your chaotic mind

As she stares into your eyes

And you wonder how other men could be so blind



iI is for the inspiration

That she gives you every day

For without her smile and kisses

You would get lost along the way



lL is for the love she gives

That spreads and burns inside

You admit you are amazed

By these feelings you cannot hide



eE is for enlightenment

Of a world of extreme bliss and delight

A world of which you had not known

Until the smile in her eyes opened your sight



Now my friends you know what a smile is

What it is and how it comes to be

When next we have a chance to meet

On your face a smile I plan to see




2014 © Copyright-All rights

What is Happy

What is Happy
I am so glad you ask
For I have been assigned
With a poetic task


H is for the hours
Simplyletter_h.jpg knowing you exist
Even without words
My love forever persist



A is for acceptance
letter_a.jpgOf what we are to another
Questioning the fact
We’ll find we’ve lost each other




P is for passion
letter_p.jpgWithout it you have no drive
There is no desire
Nothing to make you thrive




P is for patience
letter_p.jpgSomething we all can learn
Rushing to and fro
Slow down and enjoy the love glow burn




Y is for you
letter_y.jpgFor without you there is no word
There are no other four letters
And my life would be absurd





2014 © Copyright-All rights

Thursday Thought-Smile

Smile through all your troubles and your trials and they will stare back at you in confusion.-Ronovan


Tuneful Tuesday: Here Comes the Sun

Have a Tuneful Tuesday with The Beatles and Here Comes the Sun