Life Giving.

Clear of all the clouds

The sun shines brightly on Earth

Giving life to all.

Life Giving Haiku on image of mountains with sunshine.

For my Weekly Haiku Challenge. Please join in and add to the family. If you haven’t written a Haiku before, click HERE and there is also a link on that “how to” post that links to instructions on other types of Haiku you might enjoy, such as a Haibun, which is great, because you write a paragraph about something, maybe a nice memory, then you write a Haiku that tells that story in three lines.


She was born too heat,

Melting the coldest of cores,

She starts earth to burn.

A Haiku called Heat

Passion? Nature? Life? Love? What is it about? Is the image coloring your impression?

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Destiny’s Shadows

Destiny’s Shadows

by: Ronovan

Face in Sun Shadows

Destiny is sweet,

When sunshine plays upon smiles,

Shadows show frown lines.

Tuneful Tuesday: Here Comes the Sun

Have a Tuneful Tuesday with The Beatles and Here Comes the Sun