Now Democracy – a poem.

Now Democracy

Life is a spec of illusion

in this moment of history,

in this hour for empathy,

we are ripe with no delusion.


To  gain victory’s conclusion

into the storm’s eye, we must go,

against the rage-fueled inferno.

With spirit of a promised land,

and power of the strong right hand,

freedom fires in our hearts shall grow.


My entry for this week’s Décima Poetry Challenge No. 16 GROW. (A New Challenge here on

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To Peace and Pride- a poem.

To Peace and Pride

Souls seek to make right the wrong,

by the resetting of the mind,

and the relearning to be kind…

the steps of healing… will be strong.


The path of progress will be long,

first highs then lows to overcome,

by strength, by faith we’ll succumb.

With the liberties of this land,

equally in each person’s hand…

peace and pride… will finally come.


My entry for this week’s Décima Poetry Challenge No. 15 KIND. (A New Challenge here on

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© 2020-  Ronovan Hester Copyright reserved. The author asserts his moral and legal rights over this work.

The Unity of Humanity My #BeWoW article.

I’ve been very concerned about the racial tensions in the US. I’m not concerned for myself personally as my relationships are fine with all walks of life. As I’ve said before, I don’t see races not do I treat people as races. I’m not sure if my song got that from me or not but he’s friends with everyone.

As everywhere I look I see these almost indoctrination like attempts by media and politics to force on all of us the idea we ARE different I become incredibly angry.

Why do people allow others, others who make money through ratings on fear, dictate how we think and live?

Smart is smart, funny is funny, talented is talented, and beautiful is beautiful. Those are things we have in common across the board of humanity. Oh, and yes, ugly is ugly and dumb is dumb. I know, not nice things to say, but I know I’m not good looking, and I’m not the smartest new kid on the block. I’m okay with it. I know there is another person in another country with the exact same ugly and lack of smarticles that I have but with a different skin tone or regional facial features.

Having completed the A to Z Blogging Challenge using a comic book creators around the world as a theme, I discovered even more how much alike we all are. People from different countries inspired to do something for the same reasons, and some giving almost identical answers to questions that are very personal.

My positive message today is through everything always remember we are all the same, just in different situations. Don’t listen to and allow constant bombardment of negativity make it a reality.


Much Respect


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America is Burning.

America burns every few months, while smoldering in between. Depending on who you listen to the fault, the blame, will lay at the feet of police, government, black people, white people, poor people, gangs, the President, or the media.

Who is to blame for America burning?

The answer is very simple. Everyone. If each of us acted as Jesus, as Christ taught we wouldn’t be in this situation.

I skirt the issues at times. I don’t like to be confrontational. Beating a person over the head with something always seems rather a poor solution. Once unconscious, the fellow won’t be able to hear what you have to say.

Stand back a little so as I flail a bit I won’t do any harm and you are able to hear all of what I have to say today.

America and every nation needs God. I don’t mean the structures man has put in place, the traditions, the people in power to worship. I mean the almighty Himself, in our hearts, in our lives, in our actions.

If you are new to the  blog, I am not into church traditions that have been made into facts of Jesus. There are a lot of those. And there have been a lot of them from the very beginning.

I often speak on Sundays about how if we took the teachings of Jesus and followed them, how much better things would be. Even for people not believing in God those teachings are important and very good guidance.

There is so much TALKING about the situation and less about DOING about it. We’re told we have great plans to make things better. Plans are good intentions unless enacted. As Christ is the answer to our problems, there is a road to Hell paved with dusty and cobwebbed good intentions.

One race. One people. One family. Believing that, I have a difficult time agreeing with the harming of people. I even have a hard time with the death penalty. There is no eye for an eye. God will sort out the guilty. Yes, trials. Yes, justice. Yes prison. In reality, put certain people in prison for life, they won’t last long. Some will need to remain in solitary confinement for the remainder of their body’s existence. I don’t say their life, because they don’t have one any longer. While others, well, they just won’t live very long.

Back to my original thoughts. Parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, brothers, sisters, friends, teachers, you name it, step up and be forces of positivity in each others lives. You see one drifting, snatch them back in place. Not your business? Is their ending up in prison or worse because it wasn’t your business something you can live with?

Like a mother who saw her son in the riots of Baltimore and snatched him up, snatch up those you care about.

So what do I think about the police issues? I think some have been absolute tragedies that were police issues. I think some could have been avoided if any person, regardless of skin tone, had acted properly. I think some were things that have happened and then other people have taken it and made something more of it than it was.

In other words, there is no one sided answer to it all. The President said something in a press conference on Tuesday that I agree with. This is nothing new. The new part is with so many eyes watching and able to watch, record and share, it has been put out in front of the nation more readily. Those are my words but the gist of his message.

The only ones at fault are those involved in the acts. I am not a policeman, nor have I been on the other side of a situation. I can’t say what I would do if faced with a threat in either position. Would I shoot, hit, defend myself as a police officer if I felt my life was in jeopardy? If I were a civilian, how would I react depending on what I had or had not done? Would I panic? Would I cooperate entirely?

You know, I saw a video recently where a man was being restrained by several policemen. He was a large man. News agencies reported he had been beaten with a night stick type of object, or struck with one. They showed a video and said things like “Hear that? That’s him being hit.” It made me angry. The policeman had one of those clubs that telescope when you sling your arm out and it clicks into position. It was obvious watching the video that is what had happened, and he had not struck anyone.

I didn’t see a big deal made out of this incident so much. Perhaps people saw through the attempts of the media. And yes, this was a media attempt. Not all of them are.

I don’t see race. I see humans. People. Skin tones and variances in features. People reading this are likely not to believe that, but it’s true. You see, I believe what the Bible says. Adam and Eve. Two people began us all. To me that means one human race of people. Do I get concerned when around a young black man? At times. Do I get concerned when around a young white man? At times. It all depends on the situation and if I get vibes of something not being quite right.

The Harvard or Yale graduate, I can’t remember which, that played chess with my son at church is a great guy. He was in charge of our Vacation Bible School last year. His wife is nice as well and highly educated also. He’s quite dark skinned, and she’s about as white as I am. It doesn’t matter.

I challenge everyone to begin writing messages about humans and what humans do for each other.

As there is a 1000 Voices Speaking for Compassion there should be a 1,000,000 Voices Shouting For Unity for Humanity.

I don’t think small. Although I could have said one billion. Still might change that up there.

Well, I don’t really know where or how to end this today. I simply wanted to, needed to speak and share. Like it or not it is what it is. Some will say we don’t need Christ or God, we can all just be good people. In America, as God has been pushed out of more and more areas of society, society has moved more and more into a mess.

Much Respect


Romans 1:16

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