Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 51: (CAUSE) in the A rhyme line.

I picked a word this week I thought would go well with the Haiku Challenge words.

You may, if you wish, make some kind of link between the Haiku Challenge prompt of (COMFORT and Erupt). and this Décima Challenge of SHOCK in the D rhyme line. This means you could write a haiku post using the prompt words. Then do a Décima post using this week’s prompt uniting the two with a common message.
The 2 CHALLENGES are SEPARATE but CAN BE combined if YOU CHOOSE to do so.



Each week we’ll be attempting a Décima, also known as an Espinela, poem.

If you don’t know how to write a Décima, click HERE to go to a post on How to Write an Espinela or Décima Poem.



  1. There are 10 lines of poetry that rhyme.
  2. 8 syllables per line.
  3. There is a SET RHYMING PATTERN we must stick to. ABBAACCDDC OR  two stanzas of ABBA/ACCDDC.


  1. The prompt word given (in the post heading) must appear at the end of one of the given rhyme lines given (in the post heading), either A, B, C, or D. Let’s say for an EXAMPLE we use the word (STABLE) in the D line. ALWAYS DEFER TO THE WORD AND RHYME LINE IN THE POST HEADING. Sometimes I might miss changing those spots in the challenge post.
  2. The other rhyme line(s) should rhyme with the given word (STABLE). Then the other (D) line should rhyme. Words such as Able, Cable, and Fable.
  3. Once you complete your poem pingback and/or copy/paste your post link into the comments below.

Our Youth Need…

The young have not been so lucky,
their world defined by death and rage,
We had freedom, they have a cage,
locked up safe from the dying spree.

The fool and wisdom disagree,
on how to save democracy.
Our youth drown in hypocrisy,
as blue label fights red label.
They need foundations firm…stable,
with no games of bureaucracy.

If you can’t come up with a Décima using the given prompt, you can use a Synonym instead. I don’t want to stall your creativity, and with the possibility of a synonym, you will certainly write something amazing…or in my case, something that rhymes.



  • That way other people can visit your post and check out your poem.
  • You can also put the link of this challenge in your post to let your followers know where to go if they want to participate. This is called a Pingback. This is not mandatory to join in or to put your post link in the comments. Click HERE to find out how to do a Pingback.
  • Reblogging is great as well.

Some people like to copy and paste the challenge image into their posts. That’s okay with me.

Sites to help:  Use this site for syllables. I’ve used several online counters and too many have given different counts for the same word, so I use the dictionary now. Also, in some parts of the English speaking world, the syllables may come out in the spoken language a bit differently. And that’s okay. Write to enjoy, too learn, and yes, try to get the syllables right, but above all create and enjoy.

Ronovan Writes Decima Challenge Image


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12 thoughts on “Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 51: (CAUSE) in the A rhyme line.

  1. Last night I attended a Zoom meeting, The Omniform Lounge, that basically examined the participant’s creative process. Mostly writers attended but there was one photographer and a few of the folks enjoyed a number of artistic disciplines. So, the process of writing, and the motivation as well, were on my mind this morning.

    The Writer’s Process

    The day begins with a slight pause
    contemplation on the still morn,
    of lives gone or just outworn,
    of times that are not without flaws.

    The writer needs a fiery cause,
    a place to hang his moral hat,
    an ethically true thermostat
    to gauge his thoughts, the words he writes,
    to guarantee that each word bites,
    each sentence a grand coup d’etat.

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  2. I do like this Ron , I took it you meant Cause in the A rhyme line as inbthebtitle. Not as you have put youbhavebputbinvtge main body of the post SHOCK in the D rhyme line.


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