Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 75: (PITT) in the D rhyme line.


  • That way other people can visit your post and check out your poem.
  • You can also put the link of this challenge in your post to let your followers know where to go if they want to participate. This is called a Pingback. This is not mandatory to join in or to put your post link in the comments. Click HERE to find out how to do a Pingback.
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Some people like to copy and paste the challenge image into their posts. That’s okay with me.

Sites to help:  Use this site for syllables. I’ve used several online counters and too many have given different counts for the same word, so I use the dictionary now. Also, in some parts of the English speaking world, the syllables may come out in the spoken language a bit differently. And that’s okay. Write to enjoy, too learn, and yes, try to get the syllables right, but above all create and enjoy.





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6 thoughts on “Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 75: (PITT) in the D rhyme line.

  1. Maybe I’m being thick, or just missing something… where’s the ‘challenge’? If it’s in the topic title, presumably it’s “(PITT) in the D rhyme line”, but that means nothing to me. Help?


  2. No Brad Pitt, William Pitt poet am I…here’s the best I can produce this Wednesday morn

    A Pittance of a Poem

    One wanders into a new verse,
    a challenging poem of change,
    seeking a fresher slant, a range
    of witty gems, sharp, pointed, terse.

    It takes shape, each word that you nurse,
    each phrase, each ebb, each gentle flow
    of thoughts, echoes, sound’s high and low,
    the wise weaving, the sum of it,
    whether pittance or a plum pit(t),
    it will thrive, perhaps even glow.

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