If not me then who?

If not me then who?

by: Ronovan


I recently wrote an article called The Disguise of Contentment about life with illness and disabilities and how others look at seemingly healthy people who suffer from them. As I was writing it I simply wanted to share with people the other side of something of stereotyping.


If you’ve been reading my work for a while you know I don’t hold back. I only know how to write one way and that is personal. My site is primarily a place to release those thoughts in my mind, as I have put it in a previous article I call it Writing for Therapy.


I say all of this to make sure you understand to never look at anything I write as attention seeking or a pity party. I’m beyond all of that. Sometimes the pain gets to me and I just need to let the feelings out in words and by doing so I have discovered there are people out there who can relate. They find comfort in knowing they are not alone and that a person is productive and creative even while living with some really whacked out pain problems. (I apparently love the phrase ‘whacked out’.)


Just to clarify a bit of that previous article and its intent:


If you see a person with disabilities that are obvious you have the opportunity of choice; a) treat them just like anyone else, b) treat them with pity, which they don’t want, or c) be aware they may need assistance at times.


For someone appearing healthy, such as myself, those options aren’t there. What this brings me to is people with disabilities don’t want pity they just want to be understood. I know it’s difficult to understand in a brief encounter with someone, but the way to be is like me in a grocery store and asking for help. If I ask for help then I need it. If I park in a handicap spot and if my car has the right tags or permissions on it to do so then keep moving and don’t look at me like a criminal.


I personally don’t care. I’ve moved past what others think about me. My main mission is what I think about myself. If I am good with me then I’m all good period. But how will other people know if people like me don’t share experiences?


And remember, I’m the same guy that wrote about writer’s needing fluffy butt cushions and canaries. Just because there are some raw and honest work from me doesn’t mean that is what defines me. I’m a funny guy. Ask my other self, he’ll tell you.

He lies.

Shut up, Os.

If you see an article or poem that appears to be a pity poem or a sympathy seeker don’t think that. It’s just me releasing the only way I have available and in a way that I hope others can connect with and say “Yeah, that’s me too. I’m not alone.”

Just so no one thinks this is just my rants about things, please read A good day out and a dollop of judgement at The Happy Starfish.

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5 Thoughts on Facial Follicles & Shaving Torture

5 Thoughts on Facial Follicles & Shaving Torture

by: Ronovan

Women have it so difficult shaving. Puhleeeasseeee.


Actually that was just to get your attention. But you know men don’t have it easy in the shaving area either.


I read an article recently over at my new found friend’s site A College Girl’s Confessions called Why Shaving Sucks. Always reading about the dire straits of the beauty lives of women got me to thinking that we men have it tough as well. (Don’t ask me why I read about the beauty lives of women. I Follow for Inspiration, right? Right.)

Cut-Throat Razor Blade

I honestly think that the idea of men shaving was something women came up with. What sane man would voluntarily think “Hey, let me put a razor blade to my throat and see if I sneeze.”? And there is no way I would actually let an old fashioned barber do it either. I don’t trust myself with one of those mafia movie killing things so I definitely won’t trust anyone else. Look at that thing.


Woman Shaving Man Blood
gettyimages © Original Photo by Ryerson Clark

And a woman with a blade? Umm . . . really? No way, especially not after that above article and the contortions and things. I have no desire for my important man parts to go missing. I like my nose where it is, thank you very much.


Here are 5 Thoughts on Facial Follicles & Shaving Torture


First thing, why is it women can comment on our facial hair and their disapproval of it but if we men mention theirs we are insensitive and sleeping on the edge of the bed for the next week? That’s if we’re lucky to still be in the bed. And yes, we know women stop shaving their legs sometimes out of revenge for something we men have done. Here’s a secret ladies, we don’t care that much . . . well not at the point we would notice anyway. I mean seriously, at that point an asteroid hits the earth and we don’t care.


You nicked your legs shaving: I nick my face and I can’t put a band aid on my face and get away with it. People would be asking me if I had some type of biopsy or something. (Yes I had that done once. I’m good now.)


Shaving cream up the nose: Do I really have to explain the awfulness of alcohol and whatever else is in that stuff going up the nasal passages feels like and how irritating it feels for days afterwards? I guess I just did.


You miss a spot shaving the legs? Think about missing a spot on your face where everyone is looking. Which one do you think they’ll notice in an interview? Yes, I am sure there are some that would notice your legs, I know, I know, but we’re talking about the other 5% of the polite people conducting interviews.


Oh, and don’t get me started on the ear hair issue. Okay, God, I know why you gave us all the various Old Man Ear Hairhair that we have, but seriously, why the extra Sasquatch growth of ear hair for men? I start in September leaving it alone and don’t need earmuffs by winter. Men if that hasn’t become an issue for you YET then take a tip from my article 10 Things Every Writer Needs But Never Thinks About and invest in Nair now.  Oh, and someone call them about Nose Nair, I swear it is sooo needed.



Ladies, yes, I know you have it tough shaving, and believe me when I say at least this man appreciates all you go through, but appreciate what we go through as well. Nose hair, ear hair, facial hair, neck hair, between the eyebrows hair . . . What? Am I the only one that shaves that?

Man with Unibrow


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