‘Water’ a Haiku

river opens spills

giving saline life from fresh

part of closed circle

A Haiku for my challenge this week: Open and Close.

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Dreaming Haiku Dreams by @Roccoco_a_GoGo

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Life is too short to drink bad wine

fishing boats These boats moored in Fishing Boat Harbour Fremantle looked delightful as we enjoyed our meal of fish and chips by the water.

I float through the years

Discovering new oceans

Of unfulfilled dreams

The prompts for the final Ronovan Writes haiku challenge for 2015 are New and Year

I would like to end this year of great challenges with a great big thank you to Ronovan for hosting this challenge which has been the source of so much creativity and wonderful conversations amongst the devotees of haiku.

Ronovan’s recommendations for writing haiku are quite specific and I like this especially as it adds to the mental challenge to adhere to the structure of 5 7 5 syllables and ideally 2 separate sentences formed from lines 1 and 2 combined and 2 and 3 combined.

Petrarch is known for his Petrarchan Sonnet form and I think we should know this particular…

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Tide to Love

Ride the tide outward

Toward peace, tranquility, life

Moved by flesh longings.

Tide to Love a Haiku by Ronovan

Ron_LWIRonovan is an author, and blogger who shares his life as an amnesiac and Chronic Pain sufferer though his blog RonovanWrites.WordPress.com. His love of poetry, authors and community through his online world has lead to a growing Weekly Haiku Challenge and the creation of a site dedicated to book reviews, interviews and author resources known as LitWorldInterviews.WordPress.com.

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Waves to your Love. (Haiku, Tanka, Poetry)

haiku image warhol style color moonlight on waves for a Haiku poem

Waves lap at my feet

Driving forever onward

With intensity

I long for them to carry me

Finally into your arms.


Much Love, Success, and Respect


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Silver Kisses

Silver Kisses

by: Ronovan

Moonlight on sea
gettyimages © Original Photo by John Clutterbuck


Moonlight bathes the sea,

With beams of silver kisses,

The night slips away.

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My Ocean, My Lover

There is a slight change in pressure as I step off the elevator. If the roar and whipping wind along the corridor does not given away the truth of what lay ahead, the white remnants of the day along the floor does. 

The breeze whips around the corner of the passageway and the hours and miles of driving begins to melt away. Some say they can smell the air, but for me it is the feel of it, reaching for me, and wrapping around me—welcoming arms pulling me onward.

I turn the corner and see the palm trees sway and the rise of sand hiding what I have been aching for these long months. My pace quickens toward what is there at any pace I chose. It has been waiting for me for a long time. She is ever patient.

The smile spreads across my face and the yearlong pent up stress escapes. The metal gate clangs shut behind me, the final barrier between the two of us. I hurry along the tiled pool area of the hotel toward the wooden steps leading to my sandy salvation. 

My sandals slide with a slight and reassuring twist on the wooden steps. Proof I am on the right path. Then I see her, moonlit rolling surf on her way to meet me, and calling me. “Hurry, it’s been too long.” 

I slip off the leather that separates my feet from the cool sand. Each particle massages muscles that ache from too long without her touch. I ease my way forward. The breeze moves my shirt and blows in my ear like a lover that one wishes they had. Happiness is within reach, my feet step onto surf pounded sand, damp from millennia old waters.

Man in night surf

The roar in my ears is like a lullaby drowning out all other sounds, or like the call of rejoice of one to another at a much longed for embrace. Perhaps that is why I love her so. She covers me with the first touch. Gentle, warm fingers wrap around my legs and urge me onward.

 I walk a few more steps, close my eyes, and feel the sand wash away as I begin to sink into her. With each grain of sand and each retreating surf, another negative memory drifts away. Another glowing thought enters. 

My shoulders slump, tension releases, muscles tremble. Yes.

Some love the sound of music to relieve their life, some a massage, and some art. For me the music of the surf, the massage of sand sifting and the art of the moon on the waves take it all away. Lovers come and go, but for me the ocean always returns and welcomes me whenever I need her. 

“Welcome home, Ronovan, I’ve missed you.” I open my eyes, and see the moon on the waves and let the rhythm drift me away.

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