A stitch in the eye!

I had intended to enter the Photo Challenge hosted by Daffy and Melissa for Stitch this week, and I am going to use what I planned to. The only thing is, there is an addition and a reason my own Challenge won’t have a detailed review. A bit difficult when you have to keep an ice pack on and your eyesight is a bit blurry. Click the blue words up there for other entries.

Below is the offender.

My son has baseball tryouts next Saturday, and I felt good because of my book being available for pre-order. So I thought I would go outside in the nice fresh air with said son and throw, or actually catch the ball, since he needed to practice throwing. I would underhand toss it high in the air for him to practice. That was easy for me to do. I actually did a good job at catching, until … well …

The offending baseball.

Below is the Offended.

This is the eye about two hours later. I am not showing you the whole area. I thought the color alone of that nice, first black eye in my life, along with that green tinge would be nice to see.

Apparently the ball tipped off my glove and hit a fence behind me, then hit me square in the eye, or round in the eye. But there it is. I yelled in pain once, and said ‘Oh, Gosh!” according to my son. Pretty proud of myself. Goes to show not using profanity or any bad language since the day I found out he was to be born paid off.

The offended.

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He shares his life through his blog RonovanWrites.WordPress.com. His love of poetry, authors and community through his online world has lead to the creation of a site dedicated to book reviews, interviews and author resources known as LitWorldInterviews.com.

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To the Stars-Robots on the Loose! #Photography

Not long ago I was doing some photo shooting of a sight that occurs in my Southern Romance. I wanted some pictures I could use to capture the true imagery of the place. I love old tin toys that really do work. So does my son. He passed this one up because he had a specific toy in mind he wanted on this trip. I was going to enter this in a photo challenge of one of my friends but I was a bit too late. Instead I think it fits well for Throw Back Thursday type post.

Tin Toys of the type I’m talking about came into being around the middle of the 1800s from Germany. Original Tin Robots are some of the most sought after. Obviously this is not one of those. Click HERE for a great article about the history of Tin Toys on a site I found.

The photo was taken with my little LG phone.

If this guy is around the next time I make it through there, I think he’ll be coming home with me.

The stars the limit,

When you are wound up too tight,

Children push buttons.

For more entries in my 82nd Haiku Challenge featuring the words Star and Child, click HERE.

Tin Toy Robot Photography by Ronovan Hester

Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling by PS Bartlett and Ronovan HesterRonovan Hester is an author, with his debut historical adventure novel Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling due out in February 14, 2016. He shares his life through his blog RonovanWrites.WordPress.com. His love of poetry, authors and community through his online world has led to the creation of a site dedicated to book reviews, interviews and author resources known as LitWorldInterviews.com.

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Haiku – Star Child by @Roccoco_a_GoGo

Fast on the draw … up keyboard … is TJ! Back in the saddle again after singing for his Christmas dinner. Make certain to click through and support the original post. Only TJ would think up this one as art. I think my breakfast may be delayed.

Life is too short to drink bad wine

Congealed fat (Large) A quirky cosmos. Yesterday’s dirty pan – today’s art piece. I call it ‘Symphony in Lamb Fat’

Infant stars cluster

In the bright constellations

Afraid of the dark

It’s Lundi again! Quelle horreur!

I was casually glancing about my immaculate kitchen when I espied this lamb fat congealed on the surface of the water in yesterdays grill pan and I immediately thought…”ART!!!!”

In response to Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge prompts Star and Child


Mundane Monday


Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge


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When I was in Prison.

Hugh's Weekly Photo ChallengeI don’t normally do Photography challenges. When I saw Hugh’s prompt this week I could not resist, and I waited until Thursday for it to be a throwback moment as well. Here I am, my yearbook photo from the University of Georgia. Stripes? If you have to ask where the stripes from Hugh’s prompt are in this photo then you are color blind and very fortunate. I still have this shirt 20+ years later.

Ronovan at University



RonovanWrites 79th #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Review

Some sites do not have their handle showing in their Twitter share option on their posts. I have to put in the handle from knowing they have one when I share the post on Twitter. How to get your Twitter Handle to show when people Share your blog articles.

If you do not see your Haiku listed below, make certain the ping back or your comment with the link is in the comments of the Challenge Post. This year I won’t be checking for those who may have missed notifying the Challenge Post, in some way, of participation. Unfortunately it takes way too long to complete the review in that manner. My apologies if that offends anyone.

Thank you for so many checking their ping backs.

Ronovan Writes Haiku Review Number 79


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If an author does not have a comment, as do the entries, that means they did not have an entry this week, but I left their place here. Is it for the benefit of advertising their work? No, it is for the ease of my formatting their next entry in the challenge. It’s a bear to do those. (And maybe there is a little heart felt type thing I have for authors.)


New Offenders!

NEW! Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha: Crystal Meth | A Cooking Pot and TwistedTales. A warning tale of caution and stars. (I have no idea what my comment for this one means. It just came out and I put it down.) Jacqueline, the face behind acookingpotandtwistedtales, is a passionate Nigerian woman. I am a gregarious, avid reader, who loves writing and telling stories. In a short sentence, I am a life enthusiast…[click to read the rest of the story].”

NEW! Lady Joyful:  Shatter | The Joyful Soul Creates.  A bit of good parenting advice here. Hello and welcome to The Joyful Soul Creates! This blog is an offshoot of our original blog, The Joyful Soul. I, Lady Joyful, made The Joyful Soul Creates to have a blog dedicated to all the things I make. From photography, to crafts, to writing, you’ll find it all here…[click to read the rest.]

NEW! Marie: Energy for the Future | The Syllabub Sea. For one, you gotta love that blog title, and two the Haiku is great. “I’m Marie.  I  juggle being a  busy mother of three wonderful children – young adults now, looking  after my elderly father who lives 150 miles away and  I teaching in the local primary school where I am also a governor. The Syllabub Sea is my haven in a hectic world, where I can indulge in my interests.  In no particular order I  love cooking, picnics, theatre, photography, reading, writing, poetry and Christmas…[click to read an extract from Calico Pie by Edward Lear].”

NEW! Roz Hill: Earthly Hope | Small Spaces and the good life with Roz and Phil Hill. Climactic issues abound in this one. “IT’s NEVER TOO LATE. First this blog is about living life to the full. Its about building, being adventurous and creative. Its also about making changes and kick starting life. Its about realising that something is so good and if it feels right, its worth writing about. Like happy pigs and…[click to read the rest of that.]

NEW! Stephen Cole: Sunlight Bending | Griban Isaf. “Gribin Isaf is a space of three and half acres at an altitude of 900 feet somewhere in Montgomeryshire.” Brought to us through Roz’s comments. Click thee Haiku title for the Haiku and then the Blog name for the Blog.  @thecolehouse

NEW! Charly Priest Winter Inferno Déjà vu | Crazy Life. Talk about an inferno of white. I’m glad I live where I do now. “After a ten year hiatus of not writing I´m back to what I really love, and relatively new to a whole new world called social media.The blog ranges from poems ,stories,some flash fiction to my outrageous thoughts about things,people, society, and me. I feel like I´m really…[click for the rest of the story].”

First to Offend this Week!

A Haiku Perspective 2015 by Annette Rochelle AbenAnnette Rochelle Aben (Best Selling Author, Radio Show Host): Rainbow Pools. | Annette Rochelle Aben. Why that name? There is a two word combination that made me think of it. I could have attempted humor, but this one was more serious and deserved a serious title.  Check out Annette’s books at the Author link above and her Radio Show at the Host link. @YouAreTheExpert

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Mankind Limited by Scott BaileyScott Bailey (AUTHOR): The Future | TheHouseOfBailey. Some blurred lines in this one. Thick with wisdom. As you may notice Scott is an Author, by clicking HERE or the AUTHOR link above you may visit his UK Amazon author page. Click the IMAGE for Amazon.com. 

Silver Lightning by Wendy Anne DarlingWendy Anne Darling (Author): See-through Eyes | Wendy Anne Darling. An odd title I  have? Well, I ended up with two thoughts as I read the Haiku. This title could be a whimsical title or one that has a more negative meaning, not that the poem is negative. Sometimes word combinations send you elsewhere for a moment, and THAT is where inspiration happens.  Wendy’s book Silver Lightning is on Amazon at the Author link above or the image.

The Dark Citadel by Jane DoughertyJane Dougherty (Author): Cat’s in the Dipper | Jane Dougherty Writes. Okay, a humorous type Title for a Lady Jane offering is obviously not always appropriate, however, Take a look at the two Haiku and I believe you will see where I got this one from. She actually dedicated the writings to Branwell this week. Don’t know Branwell? Check out Jane’s books on Amazon at the Author link above. @MJDougherty33

Swan Mothers by Natalia ErehnahNatalia Erehnah (Author): Oh, Glorious Vibration! | Weaving Gold. I like this one. I think depending upon where your mind is at a given moment it could take on different meanings. @swanmothers

The Dragon Tempest by D.B. Mauldin and others.D.B. Mauldin (Author): Silver lining | mama bear musings. Hmm, showing not to always depend on the self to get where needed. Check out the Author link for offerings on Amazon and click HERE for the About page links to other online distribution such as Smashwords.

The Basement by Vashti Quiroz-VegaVashti Quiroz-Vega (Author): Dracúl/Aurora | The Writer Next Door. Three Haiku introducing two characters from her work in progress, the second in her Fantasy Angels Series, the first of which I’ve read. Check out Vashti on Amazon at the Author link above and you can see her interview by clicking HERE. @VashtiQV

The-Mystical-Hexagram-Sue-VincentSue Vincent (Author): Hope | Daily Echo. Good imagery and story telling as well. Click the Author link for Sue at Amazon and her many books. @SCVincent

Resume for Love by Steven S. WalskySteven S. Walsky (Author): When Love is Still a Stranger. (Haibun) | Simplicity Lane. Ever lasting school boy fantasies.  Click the Author link above to go to Steven’s blog where you will find all the available places for each book. He’s varied.

Dilemma by Baheya Zeitoun. Baheya Zeitoun (Author): Hidden Beneath | An Artist At Heart. Hmm, an either very obvious statement or you could get into a philosophical mindset here.

Not participating this week.

After the Ruin by Harriet GoodchildH. M. Goodchild (Author): | Folksong and Fantasy. . H. M. Goodchild is found on Amazon as Harriet Goodchild, yes, we have another author joining us. Click the Author link above to go to her Amazon Author page. 

black-swanMarigold Deidre Dicer (Author): | Versus Blurb. An outlook on the New Year. Check out her book at the Author link above. One I keep trying to find the time to read. Grrrr. @MarigoldDicer

Room in Hell: Book 5 by Greg PierceNagrij or (Greg Pierce). (Author): – | Nagrij Writes the Hits You Never Knew Existed.  .  You can check out the list of books on Amazon by clicking the Author link above.

Spiritshine by Janni StylesJanni Styles (Author): | JanniStyles1. . Check her author page and books out on Smashwords by clicking the Author link above. One is a “wee collection of verse” and one is a collection of short stories and BOTH are FREE for now! 

Christine Randall: | Christine R (Trying to keep the brain cells alive.) . Also visit her Author site, CJRANDALL.COM.

Bleeding Heart by Elizabeth RawlsE. Rawls (Author): | Rawls E. Fantasy. .  Check out Bleeding Hearts, a collection of short stories, poems, and riddles, at Elizabeth’s Author page on Amazon by clicking the Author link above.  @VChronicles_
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Geetha Balvannanathan: As spring makes its way | Geetha Bavannanathan’s Blog. When Geetha didn’t participate last week, I wondered why. But I should never wonder. If you ever pay attention to her entries, you’ll notice what all she puts into them. They are not a Haiku entry. I don’t think she could do just one. They are stories and filled with sight and sound as well. Never visited a one of Gee’s entries? Just you wait and you’ll see what I’m talking about. (If you see her profile here and no entry, just like with the authors, you try and type her name and then her blog name each new time she joins in. Although I’m getting pretty good at that last name part.) @geethap2007
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Judy: Clear as a Bowling Ball. | Edwina’s Episodes. It’s in the Humor section, what kind of title did you expect from me? @EdwinasEpisodes

Crow: Poem 20160111 (Lilly Pad Lovin’) | Caw!.  Ha! Okay, this one is awesome! @Crow MUST READ

Kat: Ill-fated Ice Crystals | like mercury colliding. She had to go the humor route. She couldn’t help herself.

Diedre Blake: Crushingly Clear Minded | Toward the Within. So this could have gone into LIFE but that last line just begged for HUMOR.

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Greg: My Hope | Potholes in the Road of Life. Greg stays with the theme of his blog. I often think some get titles wrong to poems like this. I’m not afraid to say I believe this is one of those times. It is not a hope. It is a promise given. @greg_wolford

Ken G.: Into the Light | RIVRVLOGR. Strangely, this has a link of sorts with Greg’s, if one puts their mind to it.

Lizl: Tomorrow, Hope | Quilted Poetry. I think this should be in INSPIRATION, for I believe people can take something from it and move forward with their lives if they think about this one.

Ritu: Breeding Sunshine | But I Smile Anyway. That almost sounds like a title Ritu would come up with, but it’s mine. A very upbeat Haiku. @PhantomGiggler

Terri: Hope | The BeeSpeak. Good nature Haiku with a good us of the prompt words in their original form. Structure is perfect. 

Florence: Seeing the forest for the trees. | Meanings And Musings. A very odd title for this one but I think it fits with the idea I am getting from it. @FTThum

Susan Langer: Clear Crystal Chalice | Susan’s Creative Writing and Poetry.  For a moment you think one thing then you smack yourself in the forehead and have a DOH thing happen. @Susan_Langer1

R. Todd: Faith, Hope, and Love … | A Flash of Fiction. A new lineup for Destiny’s Child? No, a very well thought out sequence in Haiku form. @psibrone

Ruby Manchada: Crystals of Hope | Whispering Thoughts.  A poet that always bring imagery.

Becky: Live in Faith | Becky G? Oh, That’s Me! Straight to the point with her message this week.

Christine R: Ride the wave of hope | Christine R. Be a dear, and think clear. 
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Willow: Crystal Hope | Willowdot21. This is one of those you read a few times before grasping it all. Willow use a syllable numbering all her own this week, well of sorts. Creativity is a huge part of this challenge and community.

Alice: Let’s Dance | Boomerang Zone. A David Bowie tribute. The first of the week, and if enough occur, a section of his own will be added for the challenge. @Vidocq_CC

Teresa Smeigh: Make it Crystal Clear | Always A Writer. Dreams revealed in this one. I have to agree with the destinations. @TeresaSmeigh

Meredith & Martha: Snow/Anniversary by Meredith and Fisherman’s Dream/Purpose by Martha | Meredith’s Reveries. I almost see Martha’s offerings as one, if you see what I mean. And we have a NICK (pet) picture Alert, and boy does he seem happy. NOT! And have you noticed the new title of the site? Not sure when that happened, but I just noticed it with this Haiku. @Meredithlbl

Kat: Crystal Hope | like mercury colliding. Three here that could have gone in another category but I felt over it they each had something to do with life. Good deal of imagery here.

Clarence: Haiku Quintation | PrarieChat. As those who regularly attend our shindig here, you know Clarence comes up with his own title. I have so wanted to do something like this. Here are five Haiku. And the name’s meaning will be obvious as soon as you arrive. If not, I am speechless. Also, has anyone noticed how awesome Clarence’s writing is? I mean I know we all know it is, but from those first days to now? Wow. The man has let his mind go and written his little heart out. Fearless.

Mira: frozen tear | They, You and Me. Wonder what the hope is in this one? As in I can see it being two different things. @BediMona

Sandra: Happy | Wild Daffodil. She wrote a happy post, with two Haiku about a happy time combined with photography of a Happy theme challenge, and her laptop crashes. Anyone feeling this pain as much as I am? You can find the list of this years photo challenges on Daffy’s blog by clicking here.

Andre Jayaprana: White Sand Beach | andrejayaprana. Very nice photo with this one. Makes me jealous. Last weeks did too. One thing I love about this challenge is seeing how much others get to live and travel and do wonderful things. Andre, you should try the photo challenge that Sandra and Melissa host, they are two of our Haiku members and they combine the photo and Haiku challenge into one post.

Al: Hope’s Return  | A Certain Point of View. Whoa, a single Haiku offering this week. Very sweet as well. @AlistairLane

Ared (anghulinghugotero): I Just Want Her To Be Happy | ANGHULINGHUGOTERO. A nice hope here.

Olga:  Untitled | Stuff and what if. .

Elusive: Spring Fever | Elusive Trope. I say this for an obvious reason, at least obvious to me. It’s a type of fever that isn’t the norm though.

Mira: hopeful | To Wear a Rainbow. Mystical romance. @BediMona

JustMaria: Hope | Doodles and Scribbles. You can get a nature thing going with this or an artist’s technique. BLOG TIP: One thing about Maria’s blog, she chose the perfect profile photo. When you arrive you instantly feel a touch of cheer.  @ciisalveni

Carolyn Injoy: Fractured Focus | Reviews & Recommendations. I love this one. At first one gets an awww factor, then you think about it and you realize what it is saying and as a writer and life liver in general you have to laugh.

Jen (JK): DĒJĀ VU | The Secret Keeper. Mystical moments with the Secret Keeper.  @occultguardian

Marjorie Mallon: The Grotto of Unrequitted Love | KYROSMAGICA. I’m scared to read this one. Well, she shares an awful experience with us. Okay not the awful kind some may think, but a hurtful one. @Marjorie_Mallon

Melissa: If you want to be happy, then be happy. | The Aran Artisan. All need to go an read this post, not only the Haiku, bu the entire post. A very family filled inspiration of happiness. Melissa and one of our other Haikumily members, Sandra the Daffy one, helped compile this years list of ‘photo word of the week‘ challenge. You have the words ahead of time and can plan ahead and have weeks of blog posts ready and set to go. She and Daffy like to combine the photo and the Haiku challenges into one. That spreads the post around to people with different interests. @TheAranArtisan

Colleen Chesebro: First Meeting | SilverThreading. Wish her luck. Be afraid, very afraid. I was going to name this one Beam Me Up Scotty, but she already named it. If any of you know the other person involved in the Haiku, you will know why I would have named it that. @ColleenChesebro

Sarina Flowing Hope | Shining Seeds Things flow, hope, water, all that kind of stuff.  @shiningseeds

1000hoursleft (Mek): Plato’s Cave | Work In Progress. A very interesting thing to learn about. Make certain to give a search after reading the Haiku.

Hugh Roberts: Crystal Tipps and Alistair | Hugh’s Views and News. Who knew the UK and Captain Kangaroo had something in common? @RobertHughes05

Wesley Hollifield: Please… | NearlyWes. I thought it was a theme he had going and it is. A continuation from last week. Make sure to check both out, although both stand alone.

Tolulope Sanusi: Jeweled Despair | Ruby’s Polaroid. I’m seeing greed and desire in the Haiku, but that could just be me. @rubyr8_soul

Juliette: Whatever it Takes | Battered Wife seeking Better Life. The post is called Missing You and includes  two months of Haiku. She’s back, caught up with two months of Haiku, and going strong. I think we should all join in and come up with a new name for her blog. @BWseekingBL

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VronLaCroix: Crystal Wishes | Simply Snapshots. This one brings a nice image to the mind.

Janice: Ice Dreams | Ontheland. Very cool Haiku. Not sure if a pun is intended or not. @ontheland1

Dr. Kottaway: Fear stands | KO Rural Mad As Hell Blog. A very personal door open for her Haikumily to see.

Clarence: On My Daughter’s Dresser | PrarieChat. A lot more to this one than you might first think of. Keep reading it and going over that last line. There is a story there.
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TJ Paris: Blue Sky Ennui |La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin. We receive a wise saying in the commentary for this piece. And I agree with it entirely. Would love to have a little cabin there, except for that other little fact that may miss your attention if you aren’t looking for it. @Roccoco_a_GoGo

OBA: Crystal. hopefully | The king’s oracle.  A nice bit of poetry. I think some of our readers will identify with this one. @obapathway

Geetha Balvannanathan: Man and sun conspired. | Geetha Bavannanathan’s Blog. Geetha shows her variety of interests with her range of display here. @geethap2007

jazzytower (PR): First Light | Thoughts and Entanglements. I think the image adds a different spin to this Haiku. You may see ‘clear’ in a new way. It all depends on how murky things have been.

Cheryl-Lynn: Early Spring | Tournesol dans un Jardin. The image makes me think of a Purple Rain at some place like the North Pole. @CherylShares

Pancake Bunnykins: A Hopeful Morning | A Real Messy Beautiful Twisted Sunshine.  The dawning of a new day. For those visiting this blog, the like button is to the left of the top image. A little different than the usual theme’s we visit.

Janice: Frazil ice | Ontheland. A river dreams? Go read and learn. @ontheland1

Suzanne Miller: Early Morning | Art and Life. A Haiku inspired not only by the words but by the photo she took the same day she wrote the Haiku. Very jealous.

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Ronovan Hester is an author, with his debut historical adventure novel Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling due out in February 14, 2016. He shares his life through his blog RonovanWrites.WordPress.com. His love of poetry, authors and community through his online world has lead to the creation of a site dedicated to book reviews, interviews and author resources known as LitWorldInterviews.com.

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