Be Original (A Poem)

You want a poem, that’s not the norm?
You came to the right place to be slapped in the face.
Here are the words that go down as they come.
Today it’s the Lost Mind which they are from.
You say you got game but all you do is blame.
Bring on a word, something I haven’t heard.
Cry me a river is a song of tears, it’s the one Britney’s PR team fears.
The girl gone cheating, now whose albums are beating?
Old hat, my mind’s a ding bat, I like my cat, but you done known that.
Is it life, of strife, a back stabbed knife, I will keep to survive?
I ain’t rhyming, to keep the timing, for the pale faced miming, the poetic climbing.
Stay in your cave, behave, don’t be a slave to the rave or you lose to the suck-up tidal wave.
Stretch yourself to the limit so you know you are here to stay and are in it to win it.
Staying in one place, keeps you perplexed and vexed with a smirk on their face.
You’re scratching your head, wondering what it is I said, cause you can’t understand the way the words you’ve been fed.
It’s okay that you don’t know, because I ain’t here to put on a show, I love to put words down that flow.

Let’s connect.

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You got no Hook

You got no Hook

by Lost Mind Poet



You’re stealing my patterns

You’re taking my rhymes

Boy you best be prayin’

Cause I be hearin’ them chimes


A common thief

A petty crook

You look to me

Cause you got no hook


Play on you silly boy

And you’ll find yourself hollow

Cause when I finish with you

You won’t have even one last follow


You didn’t think I would notice

Imitation is a compliment

I guess you about to learn

A difference to your astonishment


Take your burglary

Carry it to the max

I got originality

While your head needs ex lax



2014 © Copyright-All rights

Female Focus Friday Reblog: Murder she wrought! AWESOME! or nuts…

Nishi is either really insane or this is like incredibly original and funny. I mean seriously. I had to Reblog this For Female Feature Friday. Go check it out and get your knives read!!!!!
Much Respect

The Showcase

The Farmers Wife or shall we call her Mrs Farmer was getting dinner ready at home..It was almost midday and the farmer household was quiet. The oldest of Mrs. F’s six was out in the field with Mr. Farmer and the little ones were at different spots all carrying out their allocated chores after they had come back from school. There was absolutely no dearth for work around the house and no one was too young to do their part.

She moved around the kitchen whilst preparing dinner. The Farmers were having meatloaf that evening and as she heard the kitchen timer ding, using her oven mitts she took out her signature dish out of the oven and slowly placed it on the kitchen counter. As the delicious aroma filled her kitchen, she turned to where the carving knives were placed and she could’nt help feeling a tingling sensation pass…

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Brilliant George

Brilliant George

by: Ronovan

Dearest George,
I must admit a fondness for your brilliance. You shine in the sun with metallic glints. But it makes me wonder though, why you are valued at only 25 cents.

Much Admiration


Monkey Bars

Monkey Bars

by: Ronovan

Monkey Bar

They say the place is a real swinging joint

There is hardly a place for any cars

So why is the place so popular you ask

Because of Darwinian laws they now have monkey bars


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